The Veterinary Book For Sheep Farmers

By David C. Henderson.

The title describes this book exactly. Aimed at helping the sheep farmer to increase productivity, profitability in the sheep industry and improving sheep welfare overall. All serious sheep owners should own this complete, but clear book. British.


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Hardcover, 660 pp.


Provides material applicable to sheep farming situations worldwide. Helpful for veterinary use in general. Very detailed in words and in pictures.

Chapters include:

  • Health and Disease
  • Preparation for Mating
  • Manipulation of Breeding
  • Management During Pregnancy
  • Abortion
  • Other Diseases Encountered During Pregnancy
  • Lambing Time
  • The Care and Welfare of Newborn Lambs
  • Diseases of Newborn Lambs
  • Pneumonia and other Respiratory Diseases
  • Trace Elements, Minerals, Vitamins, and Water
  • Internal Parasites
  • The Skin Parasites of Sheep
  • Miscellaneous Skin, Eye, and Gum Conditions
  • Foot Lameness
  • Poisons and Radioactivity

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Gold standard of USA sheep books. Owning this book is well worth the high $ if you raise sheep!
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Date: February 6, 2010
Kristen B
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This is a fabulous book; I'd highly recommend it. Although it is a British publication (and covers a few issues unique to the UK), it is very informative, and clear. It has excellent explanations for many health issues, disease, etc. Has good graphics and photos also. It is the only in-depth "professional" sheep vet book I have at this time, and I have learned a tremendous amount from it. Definitely worth the money.