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Poultry Feeder (Lid Only)

While Supplies Last! All sales are final, no returns.

Feeder lid only.

Lid that fits on our previously sold poultry feeder #530031. Will not fit any feeder we currently sell.


Common Uses

To keep birds from roosting on top of the feeder and spoiling feed.


Inside diameter: 9-3/4"
Outside diameter: 10"
Height: 3-1/4"
Diameter of hole in top: .7"

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Date: May 11, 2010
Barbara A
Would you recommend this product? No
This feeder is pretty much a piece of foreign crap. Flimsy, thin and warped plastic. The long screw bolt that is supposed to hold it together had a thread that was messed up about halfway and it couldn't be screwed in any farther. I bought three. The next one I couldn't put the bold in because the hold in the plastic was too small. By this time I knew I wasn't keeping these, so I didn't cut the hole bigger. The third one had a warped top and bottom that wouldn't stay fitted together. Of course, I had to pay shipping back and they took out the cost of the "free shipping" to me when they credited my account. When I called to complain, the woman said she had shipped the feeders I sent back to someone who hadn't complained! Whoever you are, please write a review!
Actually, Barbara, the owner of Premier (me) agrees with you about the quality of the red plastic feeders. We have been using these feeders here for 2 years-- but this spring observed the quality considerably varied from feeder to feeder. We pulled all of them from our inventory 3 weeks ago, and hired a trained quality control person whose primary task is to inspect every incoming shipment from suspect sources for quality. If you wish we replace these 3 with the yellow feeders (from Europe and foreign but the best plastic feeders available) free of charge (and pay the shipping). Write my folks if you wish this to occur. I noted what you said about our sales person. I was baffled but have instructed my folks not to do this. -- Premier
Date: February 27, 2010
christine h
This MAY? be the best type of poultry feeder I have found..but it's not what I'd like! The hens STILL are able to empty the feed out of it and onto the hen house floor...wasted in the they manage to do with whatever I try.
Date: February 5, 2010
Thomas or Judit T
Would you recommend this product? No
VERY disappointed in this feeder. Plastic thin and flimsy. If hung, it won't stay level, it's rather warped. Does best sat on the ground or on something to elevate it a little to a proper feeding height. Maybe mine was a lemon, because it certainly won't hang level like the one in the photo.