Pin (only) for Q-flex Blue Applicator

This is the "pin only" for the Q-flex applicator that we previously sold.


6300880 Extra Pin (only) for Q-flex Blue Applicator In Stock 0.01 $5.00

Installing Q-flex® Ear Tags with an applicator

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Common Uses

A replacement pin for the Q-flex applicator that we previously sold.

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Item # 630011 - While supplies last!
While Supplies Last. All sales are final, no returns.
Item # 630031 - In Stock
Larger and much more permanent than Qwik Tags.
Item # 630051 - In Stock
Excellent for adult rams and ewes.
Item # 630071 - In Stock
Large size is easily visible.
Item # 630087 - In Stock
Used for installing Q-flex Tags.
Average Rating: 4.3 out of 5
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Date: June 23, 2013
Roy T from New Mexico
Would you recommend this product? Yes
I was very pleased with my order for the ear tagger and tags. Looks like good quality, and the service was super fast. I will definitely be ordering more in the future! Thanks!
Date: April 22, 2013
Richard J from Oregon
Would you recommend this product? Yes
This is a good strong well made tagger, though maybe not the best for small hands. It has a positive action that lets you know that the tag is in, and the Q-flex tags don't pull the skin of the ear on newborn kids into the tag connection as much as the Easy Tags do. I have double tagged about 190 Kiko kids with it so far, and expect it to last a long time.
Date: March 1, 2013
anne b from ma
Would you recommend this product? Yes
works good, but heavy. I have a small hand and have to hold the applicator at the very end to get enough leverage to snap in the eartag. If you want to use the Q flex tags, this is your only choice.