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Option 2 - High-Tensile Woven Wire combined with HT Smooth

A multi-species fence that works well as either a boundary or subdivision fence. It will contain cattle (all ages/types), sheep, pigs, llama and goats through all seasons, climates and on all soils. This design is very low maintenance permanent fence.

It has 2 HT smooth wires above 32" tall HT woven wire. Total height 45 to 48 in. Energize an upper wire or an offset wire. Place woven and HT smooth wires on the ungrazed side of posts and, if possible, all energized wires on the grazed side at nose height of the primary animals to be fenced.

Use wood post end and corner brace assemblies. Space wood or steel line posts up to 25 ft. For corrals or lanes, reduce the spacing to 15 ft. (Terrain a determining factor for post spacing.)

Note: This is an excellent fence for sites in which one side will not be grazed and fences won't be checked for long periods.


This is high compared to other designs--but it's not that high for a reliable multi-species fence that should last more than 50 years in many climates.

Why GreenCote wire?

  • More attractive than others.
  • Makes a statement that the owner is innovative and progressive.
  • Blends into the background.
  • Resists rust twice as long as other wires.

Why do we include an energized wire in such a physically strong fence?

  • Keeps cattle, horses from riding and scratching the fence.
  • Provides a power source to electrify subdivision fences.

You also need an energizer for this fence. Please refer to the Energizer section of our website to determine your needs.

NOTE: Dry conditions and wintertime usages—may reduce the effectiveness of electric fencing.

Listed below are the recommended components that might be needed to build this basic fence. (Some fence components have multiple choices.) Your particular situation may require alternative recommendations. If so, please call and talk to a fence consultant at 800-282-6631.

411000 Woven Wire 8/32/9, GreenCote High-Tensile, 330' roll While supplies last! 115.0 $247.00
411400 Woven Wire 8/32/9, Galvanized High-Tensile, 330' roll While supplies last! 115.0 $184.00
336840 Speed Brace Cable by Gripple™ In Stock 2.9 $14.85
336855 "T" Gripple In Stock 0.1 $1.60
336500 TwistLink™ In Stock 0.1 $0.96
327600 Steel T Posts, 6 ft. In Stock 9.1 $12.90
362000 SupaTube, 20 in. In Stock 0.2 $0.80
369000 PI 20 High-Tensile Terminal Insulator In Stock 0.1 $1.44
380000 PI 500 Steel T Post Insulator, large In Stock 0.1 $0.53
360200 Staples, 1.6" Barbed for High-Tensile Wire, per lb. In Stock 1.0 $1.80
360000 Staples, 2" Barbed for High-Tensile Wire, per lb. In Stock 1.0 $1.80
164107 Double Insulated Wire, 100 ft. coil In Stock 5.7 $29.00
151000 Ground Rod, Galvanized, 6 ft In Stock 6.0 $10.50
151800 Clamp—for Ground Rod In Stock 0.1 $1.55
330100 Round In-Line Strainer In Stock 0.5 $2.99
408200 Round Strainer Handle In Stock 2.0 $7.50
336830 Gripple Tensioning Tool In Stock 1.9 $72.00
333000 Cut Out Switch In Stock 0.3 $7.50
156500 Surge Protector In Stock 0.2 $11.50
134100 5 Light Fence Tester In Stock 0.2 $11.50
346000 Warning Sign In Stock 0.1 $0.97