Sheep & Goat Update January 25, 2012
Cold weather has arrived and so has indoor lambing/kidding season. Tips on using heat lamps.
Indoor lambing/kidding season
  • If a heat lamp was used the season before, open the cover and clean out any mouse/bird nests and wayward bedding that may have accumulated.
  • Make sure the lamp is at least 20" off the ground. This keeps the lamp away from the bedding but still close enough for the lambs/kids to appreciate the heat.
  • Take care not to hang the lamp by the cord. This puts stress on the lamps internal structures.
  • Do not hang the heat lamp where an animal can chew on the cord.
  • Keep extra heat lamp bulbs on hand. Needing a bulb in the middle of the night is not a pleasant experience for the lamb or the shepherd.
  • A heat lamp does not need to be kept on constantly. Once a lamb/kid is actively nursing and healthy it does not need to have a heat lamp. The lamb/kid is now able to take care of itself.
  • Put a light over the creep feeder. The light will encourage the lambs/kids to investigate the feed and they will start eating creep earlier. But above we said not to have a constant heat lamp on the lambs/kids. By this we mean that a heat lamp is not needed for every lambing jug full of lambs/kids but instead in jugs with newborns (until they are up and actively nursing) and in jugs with lambs/kids that aren't "peppy" enough.
  • Thermocubes can be used to regulate when a heat lamp is/isn't turned on. They turn the lamp on at 35° and off at 45°.
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Product: Premier Heat Lamp

Aaron G from Minnesota

Would you recommend this product? Yes

I was super surprised at how big they were when we first received them! I feel like I really got my moneys worth! They are great, throw off great heat and light. I also like that I don't have to worry about them over-heating. I can just plug in and walk away. The cage design is great as well, easy to change bulb and I like how the bulb sits higher up in the cage than most other heating units.

Rebecca H

Would you recommend this product? Yes

I just purchased a second lamp after we built larger housing for my Pygmy goats.They work wonderfully and safely. I use them with the Thermocube automatic plug in.That way I never have to worry about forgetting to turn them on and off. Would definitely recommend this product.

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