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Lamb ‘N’ Kid Feeding Bottle
A creative bottle system that works!
Feeding Bottle
A ewe’s full milk flow does not kick in until some time after lambing. So if a ewe is short of milk, we’ll supplement the lambs (still with the ewe) with a bottle in the pen.

Premier’s Wide Mouth Lamb ’N’ Kid Bottle is convenient for mixing powder or milking directly into it.

We recommend Shepherd’s Choice Lamb & Kid Milk for feeding orphans. Made with skim milk as its first ingredient, it’s been formulated for optimal immunity and health. Use a Silicone Bottle Brush to simplify cleaning.

Add a Bottle Rack to allow lambs to self-feed.


Helpful Hints for Pritchard Teats

Teats must be cut before initial use. Teats are supplied with no hole in the end. Two different techniques can be used to prepare the teat:

  1. The most common technique is to use sharp scissors and snip the tip off cross-ways. The more you snip, the bigger the hole, so don’t overdo it.
  2. An alternate method is to NOT cut off the tip, but instead carefully slit the end into two halves with a razor. The two halves snap back together when not in use and self seal the end of the teat. Most importantly, this self-sealing method of cutting the teat allows you to place the teat in a partially inverted position, from which the lambs can suck at will.

Don’t lose the tiny metal ball that rattles when you shake the teat. The teat will leak without this ball. This rarely happens and primarily only from washing the teats too aggressively.

Do not use Clorox® to disinfect teats. The strong chemical reacts with the latex and can cause rapid disintegration of the teat.

Be aware of imitation Pritchard Teats currently on the market. They can be identified by their stiffer, molded rubber material. Pritchard Teats are made with soft pliable latex. We have found in experimenting with imitation teats that they are difficult to use with weak lambs, goat kids or tiny lambs from triplets or quads.

Do not leave teats sitting in the sunlight. Especially do not leave them sitting on a window ledge inside a building. This "greenhouse" situation has been known to heat the red latex until it melts into a gooey blob. As all areas of high heat are bad for this type of latex, it’s best not to leave them close to an "active" wood stove or furnace.

Do not clean the teats in boiling water. Use only warm water with a small amount of dishwashing detergent.


Additional Resources

Milk replacer for lambs and goat kids
Lamb & Kid Milk
25 lb BAG
45 lb BAG
* excludes shipping charges

The Shepherd’s Choice®
Milk Replacer

Match Momma’s Milk!

Made with skim milk and acidified with CitriStim®, The Shepherd’s Choice® instant milk replacer provides everything lambs and goat kids need for optimal immunity and health.

Ewe’s milk is naturally high in casein—the same protein found in skim milk powder. Caseins are slowly absorbed after ingestion, whereas whey protein is quickly absorbed. That’s why cheaper, whey-based milk formulas often result in bloating and digestion problems.

It doesn’t pay to skimp on quality. Try Lamb & Kid Milk with your flock and see the difference!

$5 OFF the purchase of each bag

(up to 3 bags—25 lb or 50 lb)

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** Promo code applies to the retail price of The Shepherd’s Choice® brand milk replacer (25 lb or 50 lb bags) purchased at Discount is applied to each bag, limited to a maximum of 3 bags per customer. Promo code may be used only once. Offer expires May 31, 2022.

Buy More and Save!
Truckload pricing (1 ton or more) is available by request.
Please contact us online or call 800-282-6631.
Fast-acting energy!
An all-natural, oral nutritional supplement for weak or starving lambs
Baby Lamb Strength Oral

Now In Stock!

Baby Lamb Strength Oral

Improve the thrift of cold and weak newborn lambs or goat kids. Provides a rapidly absorbed dose to enhance lambs’ performance.
  • Ten-fold increase in blood level Vitamin E
  • A rapid energy source for weak or starving lambs
  • Helpful in the prevention of white muscle disease
  • User friendly, convenient, and economical
Baby Lamb Strength Oral
Have used another product for years, but this time thought I would try this brand. This stuff is amazing, we are bitterly cold with high winds and the lambs are getting chilled very quickly, once I find them, dose them with Baby Lamb Strength, put them in pens with blankets and heat within 20 minutes they are up and running, and nursing well. Very happy with it, it will be my go to product from now on.

– Susan B., New York
Bucket Teat Units
Bucket Teat Units — $3.50
Feed orphan lambs, goat kids and calves. We’ll predrill our square buckets with holes to fit our bucket teat units. Hang bucket via a bucket holder/mount. Latex and rubber teat options available.
Shepherd’s Choice® Premium Colostrum Replacer
New! Premium Colostrum Replacer — $40
Lamb, goat kid and calf colostrum replacement that contains a high level of immunoglobulin protein (150g IgG per 500g).
Bottle Rack
Bottle Rack — $7
Clever innovation that allows new lambs and goat kids to self-feed from our Lamb ‘N’ Kid Bottle. Designed to fit Premier’s PowerBilt® wire panels.
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