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All-season Heated Poultry Waterer
All-season Heated Poultry Waterer
Provide clean water to the flock year-round
Heated Waterer
This waterer does its job well—which is providing access to fresh, clean water. Nothing fancy.

The built-in heater keeps water unfrozen during the cold winter, while the detachable cord is one less thing to trip over during warmer months.

Folks like our heated waterer because of its:
  • Large capacity (3 gal)
  • Secure, interlocking lid
  • Heavy-duty handle for carrying and hanging
  • Recessed side-facing nipples with drip-catch base
  • Detachable 16 ft cord for non-winter use
What others have said…
★★★★★ — Julie M from Minnesota
I like this waterer much better than any of them I’ve tried. This one fills from the top so it doesn’t leak out and it doesn’t get dirt in it and the chickens don’t get the water dirty. It’s just an all-around better product.
★★★★★ — Gayle B from New Hampshire
This waterer kicks butt. It's perfectly designed. After wasting money on 2 other types that barely made it through one winter due to breakage of thin plastic parts in cold weather, cords breaking, being impossible to clean, this one has solved all those problems. My chickens were able to figure out the nipples just by me pressing with my finger when they saw the water dripping.
Best-In-Class Features
Larger Capacity
3 gal capacity provides water for up to 35 chickens
Strong Handle
Strong enough to support the weight of a full bucket for carrying or hanging.
Secure Lid
Unique, interlocking lid attaches to bucket via bayonet-style tabs.
Power Cord
Detachable Cord
Detach cord and cover prongs with rubber cap for all-season use.
Need help choosing the right waterer and feeder?
Determine the optimum capacity needed. This is dependent on the number and size/age of the birds and how often you prefer to fill the feeders or waterers. Refer to our helpful comparison charts.
Tips for dealing with stubborn birds who won’t drink:
Once the first chickens begin drinking, others will follow.
1. Remove all other sources of water. Place the new nipple waterer in the old waterer’s location.

2. Bring a bird’s beak directly to the nipple waterer and flick the nipple. You may have to activate the nipple with the bird’s beak to demonstrate the new water source. (See video.)

3. Place a sunflower seed in the drip trough. When the bird pecks at the seed, it will discover the new water source.

4. Use a red laser pointer to direct chickens to the nipple. Similar to house cats, our chickens will chase and follow the red light. (This was inadvertently discovered by our photo dept and is now our go-to method for getting camera-shy birds to cooperate.)
Keep your chicks warm this winter
Two of our customer favorites!
Prima Heat Lamp
Prima Heat Lamp
Common heat lamps are often blamed for barn fires, scorched wool and overheating. The “Prima” is better in every way—strength, safety, protective guard, and hanging system.

Used to warm chickens, ducks, puppies, lambs, goat kids or for any animal that is sick or cold. Combine with a heat lamp stand for hanging about poultry brooders.

Electrified Netting
Heating Plates for Chick Brooders
An alternative to a heat lamp. Less of a fire risk. A heating plate simulates a hen keeping chicks warm and cozy beneath her feathers. The rugged plate cover (optional) prevents older chicks from perching on top and fouling the unit with droppings. The plate can be hand-washed to remove dust and debris. 4 sizes available.

Poultry Keeping Tools
SuperLube ™
Chick Nipple Drinker — $5.80
To keep water clean and fresh. Nipple drinker sits (as shown above on our heating plate) or hangs above the litter so water is always clean.
SmartStep™ Poultry Feeders
SmartStep™ Poultry Feeders — from $60
Feed the flock indoors or out with this rodent and songbird resistant feeder. Clever, foot-activated door quickly opens when a bird approaches.
Saturn 15 Feeder
Saturn 15 Feeder —$22
Our birds love this feeder. Use the 15 lb Saturn (above) for mid-size flocks and the Saturn 3, 3 lb capacity for smaller flocks.
Bravo Feed Grinder
Bravo Feed Grinder — $566
A good feed mill can likely mix the feed to your specifications and the price is often less than doing it yourself. Learn more about feed grinders.
PoultryNet Starter Kit
PoultryNet Starter Kit — from $459.92
Everything you need in one convenient package to temporarily fence poultry in the backyard or on the pasture. 48" tall. View all of our PoultryNet options.
HenGear Nesting Box
HenGear Nest Boxes — from $149
Easy-to-clean metal nesting boxes with reversible roll-out tray that can face forward, or out the back, protecting precious eggs from egg-eating hens.
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