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Dr. Dan Morrical

Dr. Dan Morrical presents mineral and nutrition facts at Premier’s 2017 Sheep Field Day. Presentations from the field day, including Dr. Morrical’s, are available on our website.

Premier’s product catalogs have been valued for years because they include extensive advice and photos about how to select and use our products. And answers to your specific questions about our products have been just an email or phone call away for 40 years.

However, we know that it’s getting ever more difficult to get sheep care advice (feeding, lambing, health, genetics, marketing) that you can count on. Searching the internet is great. But how do you sort out the “wheat from the chaff” about what you should and should not do for your sheep?

That’s why we are very pleased to add Dr. Dan Morrical, the just-retired Iowa State University sheep specialist, to our staff. He has 30 years of experience assisting Midwest producers (commercial, feeders, show, fiber, hobby) with answers and is the US’s nationally recognized expert in sheep nutrition.

Is the advice service free?
For now it is. We plan to introduce an annual access fee sometime this summer.

How do I contact Dr. Morrical and others for advice?
Watch our website for details. For now, submit your question online or send an email to Include your phone number and email address. We will respond by email or phone.

Will the service expand to other sheep experts…and perhaps sheep veterinarians?
That’s the plan.

When does it start?
February 5, 2018.

Is Dr. Morrical available to travel to meetings or group events to talk about sheep production?
Yes. Premier will pay half of his travel and lodging costs. Be aware that he continues to teach a sheep production class at Iowa State University which means his available time is limited. You can use the same email for event inquires.
Dr. Dan Morrical
Dr. Dan Morrical, Ph.D.
While at Iowa State University, Dr. Dan Morrical was responsible for educational programs in all areas of sheep production, ranging from nutrition, genetics, marketing and management. Research areas focused on applied projects in the areas of nutrition, forage utilization, genetics, out-of-season breeding and lamb survival.

Dr. Morrical has been heavily involved in providing educational resources to the sheep industry. He has authored over 30 extension fact sheets, ration balancing software programs, and grazing videos.
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