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AC-TEK machine

The LAC-TEK feeding machine mixes a small amount of milk at one time. The result is less spoilage and waste. It comes with 3 nipple holders and 6 drinking stations which are easily adapted to fit onto our welded wire panels.

New! Auto-feeding LAC-TEK Machine
Automatically mixes milk replacer with warm water and dispenses to lambs/kids.
Single-sided design
LAC-TEK Auto-feeding Machine Why we like the
LAC-TEK Auto-feeder
We love this unit! You will too, if you have a large group of orphans. Premier has used this auto-feeding machine on our farm with over 100 lambs. It is much less work to feed and clean than milk buckets or bottles. At weaning, kids/lambs are of equal quality to those raised on a mother.

Simply attach the unit to a hydrant for water access (can also be used with a reservoir and pump).Milk replacer is stored in a hopper above a mixing chamber. A sensor indicates when to add replacer and water. Mixture flows partway through tubes via gravity. Sucking by lambs/kids pumps the milk to the nipples.

Premier carries replacement parts, including spare nipples. 6 month warranty.
•  Thermostat warms water to a pre-set temperature of up to 110°.
•  Fully adjustable milk/water ratio to adjust formula as animals age.
•  Feeds up to 10 lambs/kids per nipple.
•  Provides milk for up to 60 orphans.
•  Saves labor.
•  Only 10 minutes for daily cleaning.
•  Mixes only a small amount of milk at one time—less spoilage and waste.
•  Lambs and kids grow better than those on bottles.
•  Sturdy nipples last over many lamb/kid crops.
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