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Heating Plates for Chick Brooding and other Poultry and Chicken Supplies
Heating Plates and Covers
The best substitute for a mother hen!
Heating plates hover over your chicks like a mother hen—chicks go under the plate and touch their backs to it. The plate’s warm underside offers just the right amount of heat for young birds. If chicks get too warm, they can (and do) move out from under it.

Key features:
  • Uses less electricity*
    Only 15–66 watts/hour
  • Lower risk of fire*
    Due to lower surface temperature (only 125°F)
  • Adjustable leg design
    As chicks grow, raise the plate
  • Sizes for all flocks
    Options for 15–50 chicks
  • Optional accessories
    Thermostats (for adjusting heat output) and Covers (for preventing fouling and perching)
* vs. common metal heat lamps
I love my heating plates. I haven't lost a single chick as they can freely leave the heat any time. And I find weaning them off heat easier. I would highly recommend these plates to anyone looking for a brooding solution.

— Kylie E. from New York
Save 10% when purchasing a kit!
Two options: Heat Lamp or Heating Plate
Heat Lamp Brooder Starter Kit for Chicks
Heat Lamp Starter Kit
was $201.88 | now $181.69
A basic brooder kit that is warmed with a heat lamp. Keeps chicks comfortable and safe. The chick stand raises feed and water a few inches above the bedding to help keep troughs free of debris.
Heating Plate Brooder Starter Kit for Chicks
Heating Plate Starter Kit
was $178.38 | now $160.54
A basic brooder kit that is warmed with a heating plate. Heat plates warm at the base, chicks put their backs against it to warm their bodies (similar to how a mother hen keeps them warm). The chick stand raises feed and water a few inches above the bedding to help keep troughs free of debris.
Brooder Tips
  1. Allow 0.5 sq ft of space per day old chick.
  2. Use bedding. Something soft like pine shavings works best. It insulates the floor, promotes scratching and absorbs moisture.
  3. Locate brooders in draft-free but well ventilated area. Make sure the area is safe from predators and well meaning livestock.
Solar Shed Lights

Solar Shed Lights

Solar-powered LED light kit provides illumination to chicken coops, tool and garden sheds or anywhere else plug-in power is inaccessible.

Includes (2) independently controlled lights and solar panel with mounting bracket.

Other Poultry Essentials
Heated Poultry Waterer
Heated Poultry Waterer — $62
Provides clean water to the flock year-round. Internal heater keeps water flowing in temperatures as low as -20°F. 3 gallon capacity.
Prima Heat Lamps
Prima Heat Lamp® — $44.50
Rugged and reliable heat lamp used to warm lambs, goat kids, chickens, ducks, puppies or for any animal that is sick or cold.
Carbon Fiber Heaters
Carbon Fiber Heaters — from $90
Adds warmth in chicken coops or barns. High-output carbon fiber bulbs produce 4–6 times more heat than conventional bulbs.
VersaNest™ Laying Nest Boxes
VersaNest™ Laying Box — from $168
New! Versatile nesting boxes allow egg collection without disturbing peck-prone hens. 2-hole or 4-hole capacities for medium to large flocks.
Top Fill Poultry Waterers
Top Fill Poultry Waterers — from $29.50
New! Simple and easy to clean poultry waterer that fills from the top. Double wall design creates an internal reservoir that keeps debris out of the tank.
Suspended Dome Drinker
Suspended Dome Drinker — $52
New! Provides fresh water access from a low-pressure water source (elevated tank or bucket). Readily hangs in chicken tractors and portable coops.
Hand-selected Unique Gifts
Vintage Chicken Playing Cards
Vintage Chicken Playing Cards — $8.25
A fun gift for any chicken enthusiast. Features vintage chicken illustrations on the front and back of each card.
Colorful Chickens Swedish Dishcloths
Colorful Chickens Swedish Dishcloths — $27
New! A reusable alternative to paper towels for cleaning up spills, splashes and sprays in the kitchen. Set of 4.
Garden Colanders
Garden ColandersFrom $12.99
Collect your eggs, fruits and vegetables. Then wash everything at once with a garden hose or directly in the kitchen sink.
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