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Q-flex on sheep
​​Q-flex 1.5 in use as a Scrapie tag with a Premier Lamb. If this lamb was to be kept back for breeding (not slaughter) a larger, easier to read tag would be installed.


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Ear Tags Do's and Don'ts


Do ​tag in cooler fly-free months (if possible).
Do use a fly spray and an antiseptic when applying tags. Do so in a clean environment.
Do use tags that spin freely, this allows the tag to move out of the way to prevent it getting caught on a fence or panel.
Do tag both ears—sometimes tags fall out or are torn out.
Do ​use the correct applicator for the tag.
Do ​allow room for the ear to grow if using one-piece (loop style) tags.
Do ​use easy to see/read tags. (Size and color are directly correlated to visibility. However, the larger the tag, the easier it is to get caught.)


Do not ​use a tag too large for the animal (i.e. a Q-flex 5 w/ a newborn lamb).
Discourage ​tagging during fly/gnat season.
Do not ​tag too close to the head or too close to the end of the ear.
Do not​ hit the animal's vein.
Do not use cheaper nylon tags as long term tags. They quickly become brittle from UV light.
Do not feed low-fiber diets. Animals on high-grain or liquid diets are desperate to chew—even on ear tags. When one starts chewing, its pen mates will mimic the behavior.

Use ear tags to indicate:

​Year of birth
​Sire or dam
Potential problems—we use a black tag to mark culls that need to go on the next truck.
​Whether the lamb was born a single, twin or triplet (and so on)
Scrapie ID (sheep & goats)

Why folks like our tags...

1. ​Low prices
2. We specialize in custom imprinting
3. ​Very fast service


Custom Ear Tag Printing examples
​​Premier can custom imprint numbers or logos on tags. ​See our Custom Ear Tag Printing details.
Ear Tag Comparison Chart
Tag Colors
​​Tag colors arranged above in order of readability of the imprinting.
One-Piece Calf Z-tag

One-Piece Calf Z-tag properly placed on a Shorthorn. Notice the tag is located near the center of the ear and away from any veins.

Dog Neck Tag

Neck Tag as identification for one of Premier's guardian dogs.

Goat MiniTag

MiniTag promoting a Premier employee's goat herd.


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