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Lamb 'N' Kid Feeding Bottle
Lamb 'N' Kid Feeding Bottle
An excellent plastic bottle specially designed for the rigors of feeding orphan lambs or goat kids. Small enough to fit into pocket of coveralls. Microwave safe, but remove the optional Pritchard Teat first. Latex melts!
Q-flex® 1.0 Ear Tags
Q-flex® 1.0 Ear Tags
Small 2-piece tag. Ideal for young kids and lambs. Limited colors available. 20 tags per package.

FREE Customization! We can customize your tags with consecutive numbers or farm/ranch name. Usually shipped within 2 business days.

Advance™ Arrest Energy Supplement
Advance™ Arrest
Energy Supplement

An energy supplement with electrolytes. Contains a gelling agent to help rapidly restore lost fluids.
(Note: Short expiration date of March 20, 2017)
Dectomax® Injectable
Dectomax® Injectable (200 ml)
An injectable solution for cattle and swine that will treat or control 7 types of parasites.
(Note: Short expiration date of February 28, 2017)
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Joe Putnam
Come see us at the
Mother Earth News Fair!
February 18-19 — Belton, TX

Premier’s own Joe Putnam will be leading a workshop called “The Shocking Truth About Electric Fence.” He will be demonstrating how to successfully use electric netting to contain poultry and provide protection from predators.

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