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New! SmartStep™ Feeders
New! SmartStep™ Poultry Feeders
Treadle-action door reduces feed waste!
SmartStep™ Poultry Feeders
Stop rats, mice, wild birds and other small pests from eating your flock's feed. The feeder remains closed until the chicken steps up to feed. Their heavier weight, compared to rodents and wild birds, activates the hinged door allowing access. When the bird leaves, the door closes.


  • Feed stays dry and protected in most weather conditions.
  • Side window allows for visual check of feed level. Lid opens toward back of feeder for filling.
  • Recessed trough design and lip reduces wasted feed. Birds can’t reach in and scratch out feed.
  • Roost is elevated 1.75" above the ground, which allows more manure to fall through, rather than collect and bind operation.
  • Treadle can be adjusted for birds’ weight. Choose from three different settings: 0.5 lbs, 1.10 lbs and 1.65 lbs.
Available in 26 and 66 lb capacity.

SmartStep™ Poultry Feeders
Finally a feeder that keeps the rodents and birds from getting the ladie's food. It will quickly more than pay for itself in the savings from wasted feed. This is wonderful feeder and it holds an entire bag of feed.

– Marilyn A., Illinois
Choosing the Right Capacity
The answer depends on the number and size/age of the birds and how often you prefer to fill the feeders or waterers. Refer to our helpful comparison charts.

We prefer to have a one day supply of feed and water for our flocks. Being short on water results in dehydrated fowl, but having more feed than the bird’s can eat invites rodents and sparrows. Always check your birds at least once per day.
New! Galvanized Cone Feeders
Metal feeders that last!
SmartStep™ Feeders
Compared to cheap farmstore feeders we’ve used in the past, we like the heavy-duty metal construction, quality galvanization and clever adjustment method. Use free standing or by hanging with built-in handle.


  • Innovative accessories to customize the feeder to suit.
  • Feeds a wide variety of food stuffs: Crumbles, wheat, barley and cracked corn.
  • Quickly adjusts between (3) height options to control feed output.
Available in 11, 22 and 44 lb capacities.

Optional Accessories
Anti-Soil Trough Guard
Anti-Soil Trough Guard
Protects feed in the trough during indoor use. Fits 22 lb feeder.
Feed Saver Grill
Feed Saver Grill
Prevents hens from pulling out and wasting feed. Available for the 11, 22 and 44 lb capacity feeders.
Use any Pritchard Teat
Hopper Lid
Prevents birds from perching and soiling feed in the hopper. Available for the 11 and 22 lb capacity feeders.
Rain Hat
Rain Hat
Protects both the hopper and feeding trough from the elements. Available for the 22 lb feeder.
EcoNest Colony Box
EcoNest Colony Box — $160
Simple, budget-friendly nesting box rolls eggs forward into a protective tray and prevents hens from soiling or eating eggs. Nest eggs can help promote laying in the correct nesting area.
Laying Nest
Laying Nest — $30
Best for folks needing a simple roll-out nesting area for up to 6 hens. Can be set on the ground for duck access. Use nest eggs to entice birds to lay eggs in the proper nesting area.
Broiler Trough Feeder
Broiler Trough Feeder — $62.50
Unrestricted access and high capacity are necessary for a broiler's all-day buffet. Knurled lip cuts down on feed waste.
Grit Station
Grit Station — $17
Provides easy access to grit and oyster shell for a wide range of poultry, game birds and waterfowl. Use Poultry Grit to promote a healthy gut biome.
Metal Trough Feeders
Metal Trough Feeders — $20
A proven, reliable design for raising day-old poultry to adults (including waterfowl). Two grill options, wide or narrow, for the varying stages of growth.
Electric Netting Kits
Electric Netting Kits — from $439.80
A complete kit with energizer, roll of netting, support posts and a 5-light wireless fence tester to help folks rotationally graze their pastures.
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