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Heating Plates for Chicks

To reduce chicks climbing on top of the Chick Heating Plate, use a Heating Plate Cover. This will reduce the ability for chicks to perch on the plate.

Heating Plates for Chicks
How does a heating plate work?
The underside of the plate is heated—the chicks go under the plate and touch their backs to it. This simulates how a mother hen keeps her chicks warm.

Will the plate be too hot?
If the chicks get too warm, they can and do move out from under it. Use the yellow legs to change the height so chicks just touch the underside of the plate. As chicks grow, raise the plate by adjusting the yellow legs.

Advantages Over a Heat Lamp
  • Uses less electricity. Only 15–66 watts!
  • Less risk of fire because of the lower surface temperature (only 125°).
  • Field observation: Birds raised under plates appear more calm than those reared under lamps.
Heating Plate Covers
Train chicks to nipple drinkers early! Set a Chick Nipple Drinker on the Heating Plate—nipple sits at the perfect height for chicks to drink.
Available in 4 sizes:
New! Heating Plate Temperature Controller
Grafting: A Lamb Saving Management Too

Some folks feel the heat plate’s temperature range (105°F to 125°F) can be too warm for the chicks. By inserting the Temperature Controller between the power source and plate, users can fine tune the thermal output to their flock’s needs. Simply turn the dial to adjust output to as low as 20% of full power. Monitor chicks to make sure they are getting enough heat.

Heating Plate Starter Kit
We’ve taken the guess-work out of building a chick brooder.
Premier’s Brooder Kits are a win-win; you save money and you don’t have to sweat the details by picking out the right products.
Our Heating Plate Starter Kit includes everything the flockmaster needs to set up a small brooder:
Heating Plate Starter Kit
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