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Gear up for Goat Milking

Add a milking headpiece to a trimming stand for an instant milking stand. Built-in feeding tray holds enough food to distract your animals during milking. Lock the headpiece into place, pull up a milking stool and get to work.

Change the headpiece and you’ll have…
Two Stands in One!
Milking Headpiece with Trimming Stand
Premier's trimming and milking stands are highly adjustable, so they fit all sizes of livestock. The trimming headpiece quickly interchanges with the milking headpiece (shown above).
Those with dairy goats know that milking can sometimes be a challenge. So we've introduced a milking headpiece that fits neatly onto our trimming stand to securely hold does at a comfortable height.

  • Headpiece adjusts to accommodate goats large and small (more so than other available headpieces)
  • Lightweight design—easy to move throughout the barn
  • Securely holds goats at a comfortable height for milking (floor of stand is 22" above the ground)
  • Hot-dip galvanized for years of use
  • Integrated convenient carrying handle
  • SHIPS FREE via ground service within the contiguous USA
Optional Accessories
Side Rails
Side Rails
Reduces risk of accidental falls from the platform.
Better Visibililty
Reduces effort and risk of injury to both animal and user (often encountered when lifting animal onto a stand without a ramp).
Wheel Kit
Wheel Kit
Save your back and legs from carrying the stand. Wheel Kit inserts into base of stand.
Trimming Headpiece
Trimming Headpiece
Keeps animals secure while you clip, shear or foot trim at a comfortable height.
Multiple uses and easy to transport…
Hoof Trimming
Hoof Trimming
Using a stand keeps animals secure while you trim at a comfortable height. Premier offers many hoof trimmers because preferences, budgets and circumstances vary.
Clipping or Shearing
Clipping or Shearing
Securely holds polled or horned sheep and goats (chain fits around back of the animal’s head) while clipping or shearing.
Easy to Move
Easy to Move
Save your back and legs from carrying the stand. The Wheel Kit inserts into base of stand, allowing you to easily transport it around the farm or show.
Livestock Essentials
VIMCO® Mastitis Vaccine
VIMCO® Mastitis Vaccine
First and only mastitis vaccine USDA approved for use in dairy and meat goats. VIMCO® targets Staphylococcus aureus and CNS (Coagulase Negative Staphylococci), the bacteria most commonly associated with mastitis.

Implementation of a mastitis control program is an essential step in improving milk quality and preventing infection.

Baby Lamb Strength Oral
Baby Lamb Strength Oral
Improve the thrift of cold and weak newborn lambs or goat kids. Provides a rapidly absorbed dose to enhance lambs’ performance.
  • Ten-fold increase in blood level Vitamin E
  • A rapid energy source for weak or starving lambs
  • Helpful in the prevention of white muscle disease
Supplemental Supplies
Stainless Steel Buckets
Stainless Steel Buckets — From $20
Heavy gauge metal buckets offer durability and strength for many years of use. Small size conveniently fits under goats (or sheep) for milking.
Mineral Premixes
Mineral PremixesFrom $8.50
Premixes, mineral mixes and rations which have been formulated to provide nutrients at effective levels to maximize production.
ExoTrim™ Trimmer
ExoTrim™ Trimmer — $18
Unbeatable value for a high-quality sheep and goat trimmer. Strong, comfortable handles. Gently rounded tips make cleaning manure from hooves safer.
Raising Goats Naturally
Raising Goats Naturally — $35
A practical guide on how to incorporate goats into a diversified homestead. Raise goats from the ground up for meat, milk and more.
PortaTroughs™From $49
To water or feed sheep, goats, livestock protection dogs, ducks, geese and poultry. Strong, tough and durable, these troughs withstand all weather conditions.
Shepherd’s Choice® Premium Colostrum Replacer
Shepherd’s Choice® Premium Colostrum Replacer — $40
New! Lamb, goat kid and calf colostrum replacement with a high level of immunoglobulin protein (150g IgG per 500g).
Ask A Sheep or Goat Expert
Sheep and Goat Questions?
Get answers from experts
NEW! Premier has partnered with Windy Ridge Veterinary Clinic to offer advice from our combined group of sheep experts. Looking for ration advice? Let Dr. Morrical help you customize a feed ration for your situation.
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