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Portable electric fence to protect or contain livestock. Quick to install, durable and adaptable in difficult terrain.
Premier's ElectroNet 9/35/12 excels at keeping young lambs in and coyotes out. Its many electrified strands provide multiple points of contact for an animal to experience the fence.

What is electric netting?

It’s an electrifiable, prefabricated, portable fence that arrives at your door as a complete roll with the line posts already built into the fence’s mesh. Unfold it, set the posts by hand and attach a fence energizer.

Rolled up netting and energizer
Our netting comes to you in a tidy easy-to-carry roll. Just attach an energizer and you’re ready to go. Learn more about our electric netting.
Why users like it so much…
Simple and quick to install/move (10 min. average).
Highly visible.
Comes complete—all you need is an energizer and support posts (for ends, corners and major directional changes).
Durable—will last 10 years if used with care.
Very adaptable—to hills, dips and curves.
Many versions of netting are available from Premier in many heights (18" - 68"), lengths, post sizes and mesh openings to suit your situation.
FREE Shipping on almost all netting!

Premier Energizers...

Remember, netting must always be properly electrified. Premier’s PRS-I 50 shown at left. Premier offers a full range of energizers with a 2-year warranty:

110v AC Plug-in
See our energizer chart to compare.
Rearing orphan lambs kids

How netting works…

All horizontal strands (except for the bottom strand) in most nets connect to a powerful fence energizer that sends a strong electric pulse down the wires approximately once per second.

The combination of a mesh of vertical and horizontal wires encourages animals to touch it with their sensitive nose, head or ears.

Result? Animals touch it, conclude the fence is painful—avoid it, and memorize the experience.

When an animal touches an electric fence…

1. The energizer pushes a pulse of electrons out through its “+” terminal to the fence. The number of electrons depends on the output, in joules, of the energizer. More joules = more electrons per pulse.
2. The excess electrons ​pressurize the fence. The electrons are desperate to escape to the soil and through it back to the energizer's ground rod. The amount of pressure is measured in volts. More volts = more pressure. More pressure = more ability to overcome the resistance of dry hair/soil/skin, thin "bloodless" legs (e.g poultry, deer, goats), minimal contact with the soil due to less weight (e.g. rabbits, baby animals, chickens).
3. When an animal touches a pressurized fence the electrons pass through the animal to the ground—impacting the animal's nervous system as it does so. The more electrons that pass through the animal the more powerful and memorable the effect on the animal's nervous system.
4. After exiting the animal the pressurized electrons pass back to the energizer’s ground rod via the soil moisture.
5. The electrons enter the energizer via the ground rod the negative "-" terminal. The amount that returns is equal to the shock effect.

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 Get your PRS ready for fencing seasons

Get Your Energizer Ready for Fencing Season

Netting Installation

Netting Installation

Energizer Installation

Energizer Installation


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None are registered. All are commercial ewe lambs.
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