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Trace Minerals for Optimal Health
NEW! GOLD Formula Trace Mineral Premixes
The Shepherd’s Choice GOLD Formula Trace Mineral Premixes video
A quick introduction to The Shepherd’s Choice GOLD Formula Trace Mineral Premixes for sheep and goats. Supplement animals for market or boost the overall health of the entire flock or herd.

Proper nutrition is an essential part of any preventative health program. A balanced diet which includes trace minerals allows your flock/herd to reach their genetic potential for growth and reproduction.

Many common flock issues are the result of insufficient nutrition, due to the lack of critical micro-minerals in the animals’ feed.

Common flock and herd ailments:

  • Weak hooves
  • Slow-starting newborns
  • White muscle disease
  • Hypothermia
  • Stillbirths
  • Poor hair coat
  • Slow growth rates

What do mineral deficiencies mean for your sheep flock or goat herd?

  • Selenium: A deficiency most often appears in the form of white muscle disease (stiff lambs/kids) or those that lack a suckling response. Selenium aids in reproduction, and happens to be an antioxidant (an aid to muscle function).
  • Iodine: Functions in prevention of goiter and stillbirths. Lack of iodine results in increased risk of hypothermia or starvation in lambs/kids.
  • Zinc: Improves hoof health, stronger hooves that are better able to resist foot rot. For reproduction and growth. Deficiency results in steely wool (poor fiber formation).
  • Cobalt: Necessary for energy metabolism and stimulating the animal’s appetite.
  • Manganese: Deficiency results in slowed growth, potential skeletal deformities, and effects neurological muscle control.
  • Molybdenum: Only added to sheep rations. Ties up copper to prevent copper toxicity.
  • Calcium: For bone strength. Balances out phosphorus (Ca:P ratio) which is often high in concentrate feeds.

Why and how do you feed trace mineral?

Many forages and feedstuffs throughout the USA lack the proper mineral concentrations for sheep and goats. By offering trace minerals free choice (mixed with salt), or in a ration mixed with feed, shepherds can make up for the lack of naturally occurring mineral. The result? Prevention of deficiencies now means fewer animals requiring treatment later on.

Dan Morrical, Ph.D.
GOLD Formula Trace Mineral Premixes
Formulated by Dr. Dan Morrical Ph.D.
The Shepherd’s Choice® GOLD Formula Premixes have been specifically formulated for small ruminants to maximize health and immunity. They contain high levels of zinc, iodine and other essential trace minerals. Mix in Vitamins A/D/E for diets low in fresh forage.

The GOLD Formula difference…

All of Premier’s premixes include the essential trace minerals needed for well-being of sheep and goats. But Dr. Morrical’s GOLD Formula Premixes build on the work done by Dr. Kennedy of Pipestone Veterinary Services by increasing the levels of zinc and iodine.

Zinc, the most commonly deficient micro-mineral in forages, is not added in quantity to most other mixes. So we’ve increased zinc from 22ppm to 24,000ppm as fed (compared to other mixes) to promote stronger, healthier hooves. Zinc is also important for animal growth and reproduction.

Selenium (to the maximum level allowed by the FDA), manganese, and cobalt have also been added or have had their levels increased across all mixes. In the Sheep Trace Mineral Premixes, molybdenum has been increased for more protection against copper accumulation in the liver—sheep absorb copper more efficiently than goats.

Limestone is used as a carrier for calcium in all trace mineral packs.


Why no Vitamins A/D/E in the mix?

Our research determined that when vitamins are added to a premix, they begin to degrade and lose their effectiveness. The shepherd can slow this break down by keeping vitamins and minerals separate, until they are ready to be fed. Make vitamin and mineral batches small, if possible. A small batch should be consumed within one month. Opened packages of Vitamin A/D/E can be stored in the freezer between mixings.

Sheep & Lamb
GOLD Formula Trace Mineral Premixes
Sheep Trace Mineral Premix
Sheep Trace Mineral Premix

A fortified trace mineral premix for sheep. Feed free choice (mix with salt) to ewes year-round. Improves hoof health and other immune deficiencies.

  • Mix with 50 lbs of salt
  • High levels of zinc and iodine for hoof health
  • Supplements 10 sheep for 1 year
Lamb Finisher Trace Mineral Premix
Lamb Finisher Trace Mineral Premix

A nutrient dense trace mineral supplement specifically for all stages of lamb development—from starter to finisher. Contains high levels of calcium to properly balance the Ca:P ratio of high concentrate diets.

  • Mix with 1 ton of feed
  • High levels of zinc and iodine for hoof health
Goat & Kid
GOLD Formula Trace Mineral Premixes
Goat Trace Mineral Premix
Goat Trace Mineral Premix

A complete trace mineral premix for goats. Contains additional copper with no added molybdenum (ties up copper) for better milking production.

  • Mix with 50 lbs of salt
  • High levels of zinc and iodine for hoof health
  • Exceeds NRC requirements
Kid Finisher Trace Mineral Premix
Kid Finisher Trace Mineral Premix

Formulated specifically for goats destined for market. Maximize gains for a better return at sale.

  • Mix with 1 ton of feed
  • High levels of zinc and iodine for hoof health
  • High copper content for overall herd health
Sheep/Goat ADE Premix
Sheep/Goat ADE Premix

Add to small batches of feed or mineral mixes for maximum vitamin potency.

  • Packaged separately to prevent vitamin degradation
  • Contains Vitamins A, D and E, and Calcium

Vitamins are usually acquired when the grass is fresh and green. But during winter months when hay and grain rations are fed, vitamins can be lacking. Always feed during late gestation and lactation to ensure colostrum and milk are enhanced with vitamins to meet nursing lamb’s needs.

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NEW! Premier has partnered with Pipestone Veterinary Services to offer advice from our combined group of sheep experts. Looking for ration advice? Dr. Morrical can help you customize a mineral for your situation.
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