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Handy Feeder
Premier's Handy Feeder providing feed to a pair of Buff Orpingtons. A Rain Hat protects feed from precipitation and from birds roosting and soiling the feed in the pan. Electrified PoultryNet® is used to contain birds and keep them safe from predators.


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Escape the coop! Feeding and watering outside.

The chicks may still be in the brooder but it’s not too early to consider using portable electric netting for pasture rotations. Spring is just around the corner, and soon your birds will be chasing bugs and scratching through compost. We’d like to share a few tips on using waterers and feeders outside of the coop.

Ascot Feeder
Ascot Feeder (shown with optional Rain Hat) accommodates both geese and goslings. It's suitable for producers who have a smaller flock of birds or just require a lower volume feeder for individual pens.

Choose a feeder that is large enough to prevent crowding of birds:

A medium-size adult chicken will eat about 4 oz (1/4 lb) of feed per day. This varies by age and size of bird and the type of feed. If you have a few birds or visit frequently, you can manage with a smaller feeder. As bird size and/or flock size increases, so should the size of the feeder(s).
Feed flow is affected by the fineness of feed, humidity and amount of feed. Very fine feeds, moist air or compacted feed will cause the feed to flow poorly through feeders. With large feeders select a coarser feed that does not “bind-up” as easily.
Hang or elevate the feeder to reduce debris in the pan.
Use a rain hat to keep feed dry and a TurboScoop for refilling.
QuickClean Waterer
A QuickClean Waterer is easy to move around the poultry yard. It stands up and out of the bedding to reduce soiling.

A source of clean water should be provided at all times to keep your chickens healthy.

Keep waterers level.
Clean them often. Hard water deposits or algae may block valves.
Elevate waterers using concrete blocks. Birds are less likely to foul the water when scratching near it.
Change the waterer’s location often to prevent mud holes from forming.
Choose a shaded location to reduce the amount of evaporation and to keep the water cooler.

Should you make your own poultry feed?

Bravo feed grinder
The Bravo Feed Grinder uses a hammermill system for grinding corn and other grains into feed for livestock.
Bravo Grind Comparison
Amount of time it takes to grind 5 lbs of corn through the corresponding sieves. The 1mm sieve produces a grind sufficient for use as a course flour.
Grinding your own feed may not be the best choice!

A good feed mill can likely mix the feed to your specifications and the price is often less than doing it yourself.

Reasons to consider a feed grinder:
Hands-on control over the quality and ingredients in your bird’s diet. You can produce small batches using a custom mix to supplement forages and soils that are lacking necessary vitamins and minerals.
To ensure freshness and source verification.
Reduce your trips to the feed store.
Control the size of the grind. (Fine grinds are easily compacted in humid environments.)

Premier offers two powered units—the Bravo and the Ercolino. The Ercolino processes feed much faster due to its larger motor. They’re made to a high standard by the same European firm. Comparable units from other sources are over $1,000. Both of our grinders use a hammermill system and have a safe hopper design that prevents items from accidentally sliding into the grinder's blades.

Bravo Feed Grinder customer review—Brice A. from Nebraska

This is the perfect grinder for any farmer with a small scale operation. My animals prefer the fresh ground feed. It works perfectly every time. Super fast shipping at a reasonable rate. Thank you Premier and thanks to the other reviewers for their honest recommendations.

Read more reviews on our website.
Mailbox Topper

Mailbox Topper

Turn your mailbox into a statement piece with this rooster topper.

PoultryNet® 12/42/3

PoultryNet® 12/42/3

Keep your birds safe with a portable electric fence that stops predators.

oultry Door

Poultry Door

Stops predators—door automatically opens/closes via solar sensor.


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