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Premier acquires Pipestone Sheep Unit

     Premier is pleased to announce the purchase of Pipestone’s Sheep Business Unit. Pipestone Veterinary Services has provided sheep production and health knowledge, feeds, supplements and supplies to sheep and goat producers throughout the United States for 75 years.

     Both Premier and Pipestone have shared a similar mission for the sheep and goat industry. Premier will continue to focus on providing innovative products, including those previously offered by Pipestone. And we will expand our role as a world-class resource for up-to-date information and advice, with the same core values you’ve come to expect from both Pipestone and Premier. The future for our industry is bright!

When does the change occur?

     Premier will begin offering Pipestone products and most services via its catalogs and website on May 1, 2018.

What does this mean for Premier customers?

  • Access to Pipestone’s small ruminant veterinarians as well as Premier’s other on-staff experts including Dr. Dan Morrical, the just-retired sheep specialist from Iowa State University.
  • Access to Pipestone’s veterinary-formulated mineral and feed supplements.
  • Access to Pipestone’s “best-in-class” Shepherd’s Choice Lamb & Kid Milk Replacer.
  • A wide array of small ruminant supplies backed by proven veterinary knowledge.

What does this mean for Pipestone customers (those who aren’t already Premier customers)?

  • Access to a much larger array of products, including Premier’s portable electric fencing, clippers, shears, and ear tags.
  • Continued access to Pipestone’s unique, proven, veterinary-formulated milk replacer. We’re aware the cost of milk replacer can be an important part of a successful ewe flock or goat herd. So we will offer Shepherd’s Choice Lamb & Kid Milk Replacer at the same price as Pipestone did. There may be differences in shipping costs because it will come from a different location.
  • We look forward to offering practical management, nutritional and expert advice to all segments of the sheep and goat industry for years to come. Whether you’re a shepherd of 5 or 5,000, we stand ready to provide the knowledge, services and tools needed to raise sheep and goats successfully and profitably.

     We’d be happy to answer any questions you have. Contact us online or via phone 800-282-6631.

– The folks at Premier 1

Ask an expert

Dr. Daniel G. Morrical, PhD

New Premier Service!

Ask An Expert

We recently added Dr. Dan Morrical to our staff. As a result, we've been pleased to assist producers with answers to questions about feeding, lambing, health, genetics, marketing and sheep care.

Dr. Morrical has 30 years of experience assisting producers with answers and is the US’s nationally recognized expert in sheep nutrition.

Is the advice service free?

For now it is. We plan to combine it with Pipestone’s “Shepherd’s Club” and introduce an access fee sometime this summer.

How do I contact Dr. Morrical and others for advice?

Watch our website for details. For now, contact us online or send an email to Include your phone number and email address.

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