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Getting Started with Pastured Pigs
Raise Pastured Pigs the “Premier” Way!
Use electric netting to keep them safely contained

Pigs on pasture, or dirt, is an uncommon sight, but it doesn’t need to be. They can be put to work cleaning the garden, rooting out old stumps, or following cattle after their pasture rotation. And there is a demand for non-conventionally produced pork.

For fencing, our choice is portable electric netting, which is lightweight, durable and adaptable to dips and curves in difficult terrain. It arrives at your door as a complete roll with the posts already built-in. Rolls are easy to carry, quick to install and remove after the pigs have foraged and are ready to move to a new location. Just attach a fence energizer to electrify the net.

Pigs are easily contained by electric netting

Due to their excellent foot-to-ground contact, pigs can be easily contained by electric netting. Keep in mind, pigs are smart and will test low-voltage fences and go through them or under when it’s off. That’s why it’s important to properly electrify the net and to train domestic pigs to electric fences.

Which fence should you choose?

We have multiple nets to fence your animals in, and feral hogs out. To select the net that best fits your situation, consult the diagrams below. Questions? Give our experienced consultants a call at 800-282-6631 and we’ll set you on the right path.

Sows with piglets
24" HogNet
Sows with piglets
Feral Pigs
18" & 24" HogNet
Feral Pigs
Dry Soils (all swine)
24" HogNet
Dry Soils (all swine)
Moist Soils (feeder pigs)
30" Pig QuikFence
Moist Soils
(feeder pigs)
Electric Fence Starter Kits
Everything you need in one convenient package!
Pig QuikFence® 6/30/12 Starter Kit

Pig QuikFence® 6/30/12 Starter Kit

HogNet® 10/24/12 Starter Kit

New! Tools for Raising Pastured Pigs
Rubber Pan
Rubber Pan — $8.50
Low-profile rubber pan for feeding and watering livestock. Made of heavy duty rubber, these pans stand up to years of abuse.
Single Door Hog Feeder
Single Door
Hog Feeder
— $105
Simple, single door hog feeder for raising 4H & FFA swine, or testing the waters of pastured pork production (before increasing scale).
All-Weather® Paintstik® Markers
All-Weather® Paintstik® Markers — $0.78
Grease paint sticks produce markings on livestock that last in all weather conditions, even on haired animals. Should not be used on wool.
Hog Rings
Hog Rings — from $2.99
Apply to the top of hog or pig snouts to prevent burrowing in the pasture and feed lots. 100 per package. Pliers apply all sizes of rings.
Hog Snare
Hog Snare — $31
Firmly catches and holds pigs and hogs for treatments, tagging and applying rings.
Treatments — from $8.10
Premier offers a range of remedies and solutions to prevent and treat some of the more common ailments.
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