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Freja, a Maremma, guards the flock.

Premier’s PoultryNet® is effective at protecting layers from the local coyotes. To ward against aerial predators, Freja, a Maremma, guards the flock. Photo taken at Three Brothers Farm in Wisconsin.

A Few or a Flock?
The interest in backyard poultry continues to grow. And for good reason—chickens provide fresh, flavorful eggs and meat. Plus, they’re easy to handle and relatively affordable to raise in small spaces.
Likewise, those with sizable pastured poultry operations raise hundreds (or thousands!) of birds each year for local customers, farmers markets and restaurants.
Standard Space Guidelines
For each free-range bird:
  • Heavy breeds: 4 sq ft
    (If birds are to be butchered before 16 weeks of age, 2 sq ft will work.)
  • Light breeds: 3 sq ft
  • Bantams: 2 sq ft
For each confined housing bird:
  • Heavy breeds: 10 sq ft
  • Light breeds: 7.5 sq ft
  • Bantams: 5 sq ft
It’s fine to add more space for your birds if you have it available.
So how much space do I need?
The answer depends on several factors, including size of birds and whether they are free-range or confined, or a bit of both. Our chickens (about 50) enjoy being outside during the pleasant days of spring, summer and fall, but when the weather is chilly, windy or wet, they tend to stay inside. On those days they need additional space inside even though we consider them to be free-range.

Signs you need more space:
  • Birds are quarrelsome, too much fighting and pecking for space.
  • Coccidia or other disease outbreaks.
  • Stress related deaths.
  • Pasture does not last as long as you would prefer.
Meeting Space Requirements
Expand the run with
Electrified Netting
Offer more room for your flock to roam by using portable electric netting. When connected to a fence energizer, it contains poultry and keeps their ground-based predators out.

If you prefer non-electrified netting, look to our NoShock™ Hen Pen which is best used as a monitored day pen for adult birds and chicks (no predator protection).
  • Netting Starter Kits contain all of the essentials to fence a small flock of birds and stop predators.
  • Gates are available for quick access in and out of the pen.
Electrified Netting
Provide room to lay with
Nesting Boxes
Reduce congestion around the roost by using enough nesting boxes to prevent crowding. We use one nesting box for every six hens.

The nesting area must be...
  • Somewhere hens feel safe and want to lay their eggs
  • Accessible to egg collectors
  • Easy to clean

Otherwise, hens will lay on the floor where the eggs are likely to be soiled. Encourage chickens, geese and quail to lay eggs in the proper nesting area by placing one ceramic or wooden egg per nest box.
PoultryNet® Gates
48" PoultryNet® Gates
  • One-handed access in/out of netting enclosures without turning off the energizer.
  • Same electrified mesh as 48" tall PoultryNet®.
  • Gate post securely locks into place.
Feeders & Waterers
From rain covers to treadle activated to feed saving grills…we have many options to fit the needs of your flock.
Optimum capacity is dependent on the number and size of birds, and how often you’d like to water (at least daily).
Photo of egg handling trays
Egg Handling Trays
Superb for storage and cleaning of up to 30 eggs. Well ventilated for quick drying after washing for expedited turnover.

Use egg cartons for transport and storage of smaller egg batches.
Photo of egg wipes
Egg Wipe ‘N Wash
Soft biodegradable wet wipes for cleaning eggs from the coop. 25 count. Plant-based egg cleaner. Each wipe cleans up to 12 eggs.
Use the egg cleaning kit when the flock is very productive and you need more than a few wipes to do the job.
Egg basket
Egg Basket
For gathering up to 6 dozen eggs from nests and taking to the house for use.

Open wire sides allow for a quick rinse (if needed) to remove any straw or debris that clung on the egg.
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