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Pig QuikFence®—Keeps free-range pigs in!
Pig QuikFence®
Our Favorite Fence for Pastured Pigs
Pig QuikFence electric net fencing
Pig QuikFence is an effective replacement for pens made of heavy wire panels. The sturdy posts (0.75" dia PVC) combined with overall low weight allow it to excel in both semi-permanent and temporary fencing situations.
Put your pigs to work by using their rooting and foraging instincts to your benefit. That’s why we’ve designed Pig QuikFence®—to allow you to keep “free range” pastured pigs in so you can selectively till gardens, pastures, woodlots or just about anywhere else on the farmstead. Once a section is tilled, simply take down the fence and move the pigs to their next job site.

The bottom strand is suspended 6" above the ground to prevent pigs from rooting soil onto the fence. Pig QuikFence® is 30" tall when installed.

Due to their excellent hoof-to-ground contact, pigs can be easily contained by electric fence. But keep in mind, pigs will routinely test fences and go through them or under when it’s off. That’s why it’s important to properly electrify the net and to train domestic pigs to electric fences.

Training pigs to electric fence…
Experience suggests that domestic pigs need to be trained to electric fence.
Why? Because pigs new to electric fence may decide to respond like pigs—and charge forward through the fence instead of backing away.
How? Set up an electric fence alongside (1 to 2 ft away) a secure permanent fence that the pigs can’t get through. Make sure the fence is electrified—at least 3000V at the end of fence. Introduce the pigs to the fence. Monitor the pigs for a few hours.
Note: Failing to train domestic pigs to electric fences can be expensive—damage to the fence plus the damage the escaped pigs might create.

Visit this link to learn more about Getting Started with Pasture Pigs.
Pig QuikFence® 6/30/12 customer review—George from Tennessee
I have two of these nets and really like them. I set them up next to each other and move the pigs every few days. With proper training and an excellent energizer, it is a great way to raise pastured hogs.

Read more reviews on our website.
New for 2017! Pig QuikFence® Starter Kit
Pig QuikFence® Starter Kit
Complete fence system contains all the essentials to fence in “free-range” pigs.
Bravo Feed Grinder
Bravo Feed Grinder

Produce small batches of hog feed to your standards and stop relying on pre-mixed bags. Grinds corn and other grain into easy-to-eat sizes for livestock. Can also produce a coarsely ground flour for baking.

110v hammermill includes grinder, bucket and 3 sieves.

Round Bucket, 3.5 gal

Round Bucket, 3.5 gal

For feeding grain or carrying water to the hogs. An all around handy farm bucket to have on hand. Not as cumbersome or heavy (when full) as 5 gal buckets, so easier to handle.

Kane Waterer
Kane Waterer

Provide pigs with water all day long. Corners have pre-drilled holes so the waterer can be staked (not included) in place, preventing rooting pigs from flipping it over.

Float is under the stainless steel cover. Connects via hose to water source.

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