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Solar energizers are a convenient means to power out-of-the-way fences. Premier's solar energizers are sized to provide reserve energy for up to 4 sunless days—so you can be sure your fence remains effective day and night.


Solar costs are falling...
Is it time to consider a solar energizer?
The advantage of solar is well known: When the sun shines, the solar panel recharges the battery which eliminates the hassle of carrying the battery to and from a recharger. Users like the “plug-and-play” simplicity of solar units—just place it on the ground next to the fence, drive in a ground rod and attach the leads.
But we also know the price of solar units compared to plug-in units has been a drawback for folks to try them. So, we reduced the price of our solar energizers.
Which solar energizer is right for you?
For many years farmstore and mail-order solar units have been both expensive and too weak (in energy output) for use with fences that experience heavy weed contact. And sheep, goat, poultry and garden fences usually involve considerable green weed contact.
So, Premier introduced our own units and backed them with our world-class service, warranty and reputation for knowledge, honesty and integrity.
Premier offers three types of solar units:
  • IntelliShock (“I”) solar energizers are able to automatically reduce their energy draw when fewer weeds are touching the fence. That’s why an “I” unit’s battery is more likely to remained charged through the lower sunlight days of autumn and winter.
  • The HotShock PRS-B 50 Solar Energizer provides an effective pulse output at the cost of an increased draw on the battery—which in turn must be recharged by the solar panel.
  • PRS X (extreme) units have the same energizer as standard units but have larger batteries and solar panels to cope with the reduced sunlight and lower temperatures of winter use.
How much energy output (joules) do I need?
  • 0.25 output joules will work for 1 roll of sheep netting or a strand of “weed-free” rope. It’s usually enough for most temporary cattle and horse fences. It will also work with a single roll of PoultryNet or VersaNet but the grass must be mowed or sprayed to reduce weed contact.
  • Use a 0.5 output joule energizer for nets with strands that are close to the ground. Why? The strands close to the ground experience much heavier weed load. Typically effective for 3 to 4 rolls of netting.
  • For 4 or more rolls of net, we advise 1.0 output joules and higher.
Energizer Comparison Chart
Name Output
(in joules)
Cost Cost per
joule of
Premier PRS 200 2.00 $650 $312 52 amp 20 watt
Premier PRS 100 1.00 $339 $340 24 amp 10 watt
Gallagher® B200 1.10 $500 $462 not included 10 watt
Premier PRS-B 50 0.50 $219 $538 12 amp 10 watt
Stafix SXS 0.50 $290 $580 7 amp 5 watt
Premier PRS-I 50 0.50 $258 $616 12 amp 10 watt
Powerfield .5j 0.50 $320 $640 12 amp 10 watt
Gallagher® B100 0.55 $303 $654 not included 5 watt
Speedrite® S500 0.50 $276 $680 7 amp 5 watt
Zareba® SP30 0.50 $345 $690 14 amp 5 watt
Gallagher® S50 0.33 $277 $831 12 amp 5 watt
Premier PRS-I 25 0.25 $194 $916 12 amp 5 watt
Zareba® SP10 0.15 $175 $1230 6v 10 amp 3.3 watt
Patriot® PS155 0.15 $199 $1326 7 amp 2 watt
Gallagher® S17 0.11 $140 $1590 6v 10 amp 2 watt

Note: While this comparison chart includes Gallagher® and Zareba® energizers, we do not supply these units. Selected Speedrite energizers are available on our website.

IntelliShock PRS-I 25  $194
IntelliShock PRS-I 25 – $194
An “I=Intelligent” unit’s battery is more likely to remain charged through low sunlight days of autumn and winter. It’s a 0.25 joule unit to be used with a few strands of “weed-free” rope.
HotShock PRS-B 50  $219
HotShock PRS-B 50 – $219
This is our “B=Basic” 0.5 joule unit. It removes a steady 50 milliamperes per hour from the battery—which in turn must be recharged by the solar panel.
IntelliShock PRS-I 50  $258
IntelliShock PRS-I 50 – $258
A higher output “I=Intelligent” unit. Strong enough to power multiple rolls of netting—up to 3 poultry fences and 4 sheep and goat fences depending on grass contact and soil conductivity.
PRS 100  $339
PRS 100 – $339
For folks who need a 1 joule unit for summer through fall usage. Powers up to 8 rolls of pig/sheep/goat netting or 6 of poultry net.
PRS 200  $650
PRS 200 – $650
A 2 joule unit for summer through fall usage. Powers up to 16 sheep and goat nets and 10 poultry nets.
PRS X  $510-820
PRS X – $510-820
1 or 2 joule units for areas with little summer sunlight (e.g. New England), or in winter when sunlight is diminished and low temperatures reduce battery capacity.
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