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    Clipping and shearing for
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    FAQs about blades
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    Clipping & Shearing
    Various Species

    Mother Earth News Fair

    Trimming Stand Quality
    and Flexibility

    Goat Collars and Chains

    Halters that please…

    Professional Shearing


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Mother Earth News Fair

Premier's booth #1570 & 1571
Puyallup, WA
May 31 - June 1, 2014

Premier's booth #151 & 153 Seven Springs, PA
September 12-14, 2014

Premier's booth -- TBA
Topeka, KS
October 25-26, 2014



Trimming Stand

Clipping with a Premier 4000c and Trimming Stand. Guard rails (both sides) prevent the animal from accidentally stepping off the stand during trimming.

Trimming Stand
Quality and Flexibility

Folding carry handle.
Better fit of head piece.
Better bolt for securing head piece.
Strong mounting points for side rails.
Side rails extend further into mounts.

Keeps animals secure while you trim at a comfortable height. Hot-dip galvanized for long life. Use side rails for restless show stock.

Folded up Trimming Stand

Quick and simple to carry and store. Folding carry handle prevents legs from getting caught in the fixed handle.

View below our two helpful "how-to" videos on trimming stand assembly and trimming hooves:

Folded up Trimming Stand Folded up Trimming Hoofs video


Goat lead with snap

Using goat lead with snap hook and the single chain collar.

Developed by Premier in cooperation with nationally recognized breeders. All leather items are from a US saddlery company.

See all of our Goat Collars and Chains.



Braided Rope Halters for Sheep & Goats

Using our Braided Halters, Haylie T. and RyLee F. (children of Premier employees) showing off their 4-H Clover Kid participation ribbons

Halters that please…
Neck Rope and longer nose restraint for yearlings.
Made of tiny diamond-braided polyethylene fibers.
3/8" diameter rope.
Plated-steel hardware.
Non-fray, heat-fused rope ends.

Trimming Stand

Some goats prefer not to have a halter over their noses. This is where a neck rope comes in handy. Simply loop over the neck and the goat is ready to go.

View our full line of
Halters and Leads.



Trimming a Sheep View our Professional
Shearing Products

Trimming Stand

Clipping and shearing
for show—what to use

Has it been a while since you've prepared your animals for a show? Below are Premier's suggestions on which tools to use for getting your animals show-ready.

Why use a Premier clipping or shearing machine?
They're quieter. Less motor whine than other units.
Permanent rare-earth magnet motor that enables more torque with less heat (20° cooler than other units).
Lightweight and short in length.
Change from a shearing machine to a clipper in as little as 3 minutes.



Slick Shearing Show
Clipper: Premier 4000c
Blade choices:

Fine: Leave 0.06" of fiber. Best for beginners.
Surgical: 0.04". Less wool equals a better finish.
Super Surgical: 0.02". Only for experienced users. To reduce risk of cuts, nicks and blade-burns (on thin or tender skin), carefully stretch the skin ahead of the blades with your free hand.

Blocking Show
Shear: Premier 4000s
Comb & cutter choices:

Phantom S—strictly for blocking show sheep. The “S” refers to the sharp tips on the teeth.
Sheep Sheering
Phantom R and Spirit combs work well for shaping show animals but can also be used for normal clean fiber shearing on the skin.
Spitfire or ceramic cutters work well for all 3 combs.

Shearing Smaller Flocks
Shear: Premier 4000s
Comb & cutter choices:

Beginners: Unless you have a fine-wooled breed, use a Phantom R comb and a Spitfire cutter.
Intermediate shearers: Use Spirit or Blackhawk 92 combs and a Spitfire cutter.
Skilled shearers: Try flared combs like the Blackhawk 92—again with a Spitfire cutter. Also consider Apache combs with a Storm cutter.



Clipping Meat & Dairy Goats
Use the Premier 4000c machine with the Fine, Medium or XtraCover blades. (Medium or Fine blades for close-clipping; XtraCover if you wish to leave 1/4" of hair.)
Use the Saphir Cordless clipper for tight or hard-to-reach areas.

Shearing Fiber Goats
Use a Premier 4000s. Mohair (Angora) goats are shorn with shearing machines with the Phantom R or Mohair combs and a Spitfire cutter. A suggestion: Unless you’re experienced, it’s often easier to shear goats on a shearing stand rather than using traditional shearing methods.
Shaving utter


Beef & Dairy Cattle

Premier 4000c with either Medium or Coarse blades.
Premier 4000s with Phantom R comb and a Spitfire cutter. This has long been the choice of professionals who prepare cattle for sales.

Premier 4000c with either Fine or Medium blades for shaving the head, brisket and/or tail.
Saphir Clipper with #10 Heiniger blades for the udder. It’s very easy to use (cordless and lightweight) and uniquely powerful. Some use it for the head and tail.
Premier 4000s with a Phantom S comb and Spitfire cutter.
Shaving utter


Llamas & Alpacas

Premier 4000s with either Camelid, Phantom R or Spirit combs and a Spitfire or Ceramic cutter. Comb Lifters (optional) leave up to 3/4" of fiber to protect against sunlight and insects.

Premier 4000c with Coarse blades. Why coarse? Because they push through dense fiber while leaving even coverage.
Trimming llama



Small cordless clippers like the Saphir are ideal for hard-to-reach sites (legs) and sensitive areas (head) because the clippers are quiet and easy to hold and maneuver. However, for body clipping it’s faster to use the 4000c with Fine or Medium blades. The clipped result from Fine blades on a 4000c blends well with No. 10 blades on most smaller clippers.

Trimming Horses


Show Pigs

Premier 4000c with XtraCover blades. Condition the hair and skin prior to clipping to reduce risk of marks, clipper burns and dry skin.

Trimming show pigs


Ranch Dogs

Premier 4000c with Coarse blades. It works and works well. Leaves enough fiber to protect the dog from sunburn.

Trimming Ranch Dogs


Trimming Stand Superior service!

Fast turnaround...When most of us need sharp gear, we needed it “yesterday.” So we sharpen most blades and combs and cutters in 24 hrs. (Allow an extra day in the hectic summer months.)
Precision finish...Most large clipper blades are sharpened on automated machines. Combs and cutters are sharpened on high-speed grinding wheels by our sharpening experts. Blades for camelids are double ground for a superior edge (if requested). Beware: Blades, combs and cutters can be damaged (and even ruined) during sharpening by those without proper machines or methods.
How good is our service? Good enough that we now sharpen over 50,000 blades, combs and cutters a year.

FAQs about blades and combs…

Most common problem?
Failure to lubricate blades and cutters often enough with a high-quality oil.

Why don’t users oil more often?
1. They assume water (in wet wool) is a lubricant. It isn’t.
2. They fear excess oil will stain white wool or hair. Prevent this by putting only 3 drops of a white oil on the blade or tips. Run the machine for 3 seconds. Wipe away any surplus oil. Resume work.

Blades are made of high carbon steel. They rust very quickly. Even the weak acid from your fingers on blade/comb steel will cause rusting within 24 hours.

1. Rusted blades and combs are harder to push through fiber.
2. Rusted blades, combs or cutters won’t hold their “edge” as long.
Premier's large clipper blade set

Premier's large clipper blade set

Premier's comb and cutter.

Premier's comb and cutter.

So it’s critical, after every use, to clean blades with hot water, dry and coat them with real oil (not spray-on coolants).

Spray coolants or lubricants?
Coolants lower blade and comb head temperatures…but they are not lubricants. They do not reduce friction/wear. So always use coolants in addition to, not in lieu of, high-quality oil.

Read more about how to store your blades, combs and cutters.

Remember: Replacement blades are not cheap, so it is well worth the time to care for them!

Save $17 per blade set via our Blade Exchange!
How? Exchange any used, dull or rusted Lister® blade set for a new Premier blade set for only $31 (plus shipping). You save $10 (compared to a new blade set) plus a $7 cost to resharpen the used Lister blades.

Must it be an exact upgrade?
No. Any Lister® blade may be exchanged for any Premier blade. Note: Super Surgical and XtraCover blades can be included in the offer. Super Surgicals will be $41 and XtraCovers will be $33.

Why only Lister® blades?
Because they are the only blades that will interchange (fit the same machines) with Premier blades.

Where do I send blade sets and combs/cutters?
1. Fill out Premier's Professional Sharpening Services form.
2. Wrap your items securely and place in a box for shipping. Be sure to include your completed form in the box.
3. Send the box to us by mail or other delivery service: Premier 1 Supplies, Attn: Sharpening, 2031 300th St., Washington, IA 52353. Call us if you have questions: 800-282-6631


Clipping & Shearing
Various Species

Check out the links below for extra information on how to prepare your animals for show.

Goat Shearing, U Mass Extension
Llama Shearing, U Mass Extension
Successfully Slick Shearing Show Lambs, Washington State University Cooperative Extension
Clipping Show Pigs, The Ohio State University
Begin Your Horse’s Spring Grooming, Penn State

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