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Clipping & Shearing Tips

How to care for blades, combs and cutters...

Premier 4000c Clipping Machine
Premier 4000c Clipping Machine
and blade set.
Premier 4000s Shearing Machine
Premier 4000s Shearing Machine
and comb and cutter.

Proper care of blades, combs and cutters extends the life and usability of these tools.

Oil! We can't stress enough the importance of proper lubrication. Frequent oiling while clipping and shearing reduces the amount of wear and tear on blades, combs and cutters.
Proper tension:
1. Overtensioning reduces the longevity of blades/combs/cutters.
2. Undertensioning will reduce cutting ability.
Clean equipment after use and coat with oil to prevent rust.
Do your best to not "air-shear". This happens when an operating clipper or shear is held outside of the fiber (usually happens when someone is thinking about the next cut to make). The extra friction creates heat and dulls cutting equipment.

Professional Resharpening Service...

Fast turnaround
Precision finish
Great service

Are you ready for show season? When most of us need sharp gear, we need it "yesterday." Fill out form and send your blade sets/combs/cutters to us early so you are prepared. We sharpen most blades and combs within 24 hours after receiving them. (Allow an extra day in the hectic summer months.)

Premier Blade Comparison

Premier's Blade Exchange Program

If your blade sets are worn out, we offer a Blade Exchange Program. You can exchange a rusted Lister® blade set for a new Premier blade set (see photo at right) and Save $17!


Video link to Installing blade
Need to slick shear or clip livestock for the show? Here's how to set up those blades on your Premier clipping machine.


Video link to Installing Combs
Setting and tensioning combs and cutters does not have to be a daunting task. Watch the video and learn how to set up your shearing machine.


Professional Sharpening Service
Premier's Professional Resharpening Service. We will resharpen your blades, combs, cutters. Fast turnaround.


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