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Premier's new PRS during field use. Be sure to orient the unit to the south for optimal sun exposure.

Premier's new PRS during field use. Be sure to orient the unit to the south for optimal sun exposure.


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Introducing PRS-I and PRS-B Solar Energizers
Solar Energizer FAQs

New at Premier
PRS-I 25, PRS-I 50 and PRS-B 50 Solar Energizer Units

New PRS-B and PRS-I units
The new PRS-B and PRS-I units come with everything shown here. Purchase a kit to receive a 5-light Fence Tester.


Lowest cost per joule of output.
Bright indicator light can be seen at night from 250 ft. Lets you know the fence is operating.
Regulator prevents battery damage in periods of long sunlight.
Oversized batteries stay charged during long cloudy periods.
Backup 110v charger included.
UV treated case.
Slot in back allows mounting on top of a small T post.
Lightweight—easy to carry and move.

Difference between the PRS-I & PRS-B Solar Energizers?
The I stands for ​Intelligent​ and B for ​Basic.

"I" units reduce their energy demand when the fence's voltage is high (winter and weed free fences).
"B" units use a constant amount of energy.

Difference between "25" & "50" Solar Energizers?

They indicate peak output energy. A PRS-I 25 has a peak output energy of 0.25 joules—ideal for cattle and horse fences or a single length of weed-free netting.

Differences from most farm-store solar units? PRS units have:

​Larger solar panels—will recharge batteries faster.
Higher capacity batteries—for peace of mind during sunless days.
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Overcharge regulators—to protect the battery.

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Video link to Installing blade
Learn how to set up and install our new PRS solar units.


Video link to Installing Combs
For our entire selection of netting, click on the photo to choose the best net for your fencing needs.


Professional Sharpening Service
Learn how to properly set up electrifiable netting.


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