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Electric Net Fence for Gardens

VersaNet® Plus 12/60/3 (above) or PermaNet® Plus 12/48/3 (top inset) are effective at stopping the local varmint population from enjoying our summer gardens. VersaNet® Plus 9/20/3 (center inset) or RaccoonNet® 4/18/12 (bottom inset) can be used to stop shorter critters.

Stop Unwanted Garden Pests
With Portable Electric Fence
Electric fence has been used for years to contain and protect all types of livestock. But did you know it’s equally effective against garden pests and varmints? That’s why we introduced portable electric netting in a variety of heights to fit your situation–from 18" RaccoonNet® up to 68" PermaNet®.
All of Premier’s garden fences provide around-the-clock protection from unwanted critters and are quick-and-easy to install. Use electric fencing to protect:
Sweet corn
Rearing ponds
Fruit orchards
Tree plantings
Silage bags
Premier can help you decide which fence is best for your site. We offer two basic design choices:
1. Electric Netting
It’s an electrifiable, portable fence that arrives at your door as a complete roll with the line posts already built in. Just add support posts for ends and corners and a suitable fence energizer. The visual combination of a close mesh of vertical and horizontal wires encourages animals to touch it with their sensitive nose, ears or beak. When an animal touches one of the many strands on a net, it receives a shock from the energizer and is deterred from going forward. Electric netting is best suited for temporary and semi-permanent uses.
Temporary Netting
If moving fences daily/weekly, temporary nets such as ElectroNet® 9/35/12 are ideal for their light weight.
Temporary Netting
(moved daily/weekly)
VersaNet® Plus 9/20/3
VersaNet® Plus 11/30/3
ElectroNet® 9/35/12
ElectroNet® Plus 9/35/12
Semi-Permanent Netting
If moving monthly or less often, semi-permanent fences, with their sturdier posts, are recommended.
Semi-Permanent Netting
(moved seasonally)
RaccoonNet® 4/18/12
Bear QuikFence® 12/35/12
PermaNet® Plus 12/48/3
VersaNet® Plus 12/60/3
Deer QuikFence® 5/60/12
PermaNet® 19/68/3
PermaNet® 12/68/6
2. Multi-Strand Fence
Multi-strand electric fences are the least expensive wildlife barrier per foot—which is important for long fences. Insert the posts, add insulators, string a conductor and add an fence energizer to complete the design. Because strands are typically higher above the soil it is less prone to problems with growing weeds if fence is to be left in place for a season or year-round. Multi-strand fences make an excellent anti-deer barrier around vineyards and orchards. Consider using a wind-up system when installing or taking down strand fences—reels make the job easier.
Semi-Permanent—2D Anti-Deer Multi-Strand
If a fence is only needed seasonally, consider a semi-permanent design which can be easily taken down.
Semi-Permanent—2D Anti-Deer Multi-Strand
Permanent—3D Anti-Deer Fence
Consider a 3D fence with T-posts and heavy FiberRods to keep out deer year round.
Permanent—3D Anti-Deer Fence
Fence & Garden Accessories
Solar IntelliShock Energizers
Solar IntelliShock® Energizers
Portable all-in-one solar-powered units arrive ready to power electric fence or netting. Automatically reduces energy demand when the fence is “weed-free”, reserving battery life for when it’s needed.
Wireless Fence Tester
Wireless Fence Tester — $15
Tester indicates the approximate voltage on your electric fence. Premier’s energizer kits include a Wireless Fence Tester.
The Harvest Apron
The Harvest Apron — $24
This stylish and functional apron makes transporting harvested vegetables, mushrooms, fruit, or nuts a hands-free task.
Maine Garden Hod
Garden Hod — From $37
A New England style basket for holding and rinsing your harvest. Washed produce is able to drip dry through the heavy duty mesh.
Bug Soother
Bug Soother® — from $9
A lemon/vanilla scented spray that deters gnats and other pests. DEET free! Safely protects you, children and pets.
Garden Markers $36
Garden Markers — $36
These markers are an attractive natural alternative for herb identification in gardens. A great gift for gardeners!
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