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Grazing with Multi-strand Fences
Low-cost to purchase, easy to maintain…
Without question, multi-strand fences (for which you install the end, corner, curve and line posts and then add a conductor) are the least expensive fence designs per foot.
The trade-off compared to electric netting? A strand fence can be more complicated to install and remove. And they are less effective than netting at stopping many species of livestock and wildlife.
But, for lengthy livestock fences with plenty of grazing and low predator pressure, they are excellent!
Multi-strand Fence Video
Common Uses:
  • Subdividing large pastures to control grazing and reduce trampling.
  • Strip-grazing rape, turnips and corn stubble.
  • Short-term boundary fences on rented land for pretrained sheep or goats.
  • Containing feeder lambs on alfalfa fields (e.g. as in California’s Imperial Valley).
  • Containing dry does and ewes when food, sexual libido and newly weaned offspring are not an issue.

Two Design Options:
  1. Reeled fences (see photo) allow for the quick installation and removal of conductors from the posts. Very useful in fast, rotational grazing systems.
  2. Non-reeled fences are best used for set stocking, where the speed of reel systems is unnecessary.
Fence Solutions for Multiple Species
Not sure which style is best for you? We’ve done the legwork on our own farms and have several options ready-to-go. If you don’t see your desired situation, call us at 800-282-6631 or contact us online and we’ll help you design a fence to fit your needs.
(moved daily/weekly)
Horses — Rope or Tape Fences
Cattle — Reel-Based Fences
(moved seasonally)
Sheep — Multi-Strand with Reels
Sheep — Multi-Strand without Reels
Goats — Multi-Strand with Reels
Goats — Multi-Strand without Reels
Cattle — Up to 3-Strands of Rope
Start building your fence today!
Conductors — from $17
Premier’s conductors are visible, safe and reliable. They are proven by extensive field-tests and backed by our expertise.
Posts — from $1.47
Choosing the correct post for your situation is essential to building and maintaining your electric fence.
Insulators — from $0.19
Premier is "The Source" for high quality electric fence insulators at low prices.
Energizers —from $97
We’ve compiled a list of common energizer questions to help you choose the right unit for your situation. Energizer kits include all the parts and pieces for folks new to electric fence.
Wind-up Systems
Wind-up Systems
from $32
Speed up the installation and tear-down process. We can pre-wind conductors, which are conveniently stored on reels.
PowerLink 4.0
PowerLink™ 4.0 — $4.50
Poor connections are a common culprit in electric fence problems. Premier has a wide range of connectors available to fit your needs.
Ask A Sheep Expert
Sheep Questions?
Get answers from experts
NEW! Premier has partnered with Pipestone Veterinary Services to offer advice from our combined group of sheep experts. From fencing, grazing, feeding, lambing, health, genetics or general sheep care, we are here to help.
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