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VersaNet® Plus Electric Fence for Gardens and Flowerbeds
VersaNet® Plus 9/20/3 Electric Netting
Protect your garden in minutes!
Raccoons, woodchucks, rabbits, dogs and other small critters are a common nuisance for gardeners. VersaNet® Plus stops them in their tracks, allowing your garden to thrive.
VersaNet® Plus Electric Fence for Garden and Flowerbeds
Key features:
  1. Protects gardens and landscaping
    Keeps out many ground-based garden varmints. Can also be used as a barrier to ducks and geese.
  2. Quick to install and remove
    Sets up in 10 minutes. Because it's temporary, you can easily remove the fence after the growing season.
  3. No tools needed!
    Arrives to your door as a complete roll with the line posts already built in. Posts can be inserted and removed by hand in most soils.
  4. Short enough to step over
    VersaNet® Plus 9/20/3 is 20" tall when installed. Most adults can easily step over it. (Turn off the energizer first!)
  5. Choice of 2 colors:
    White/black for optimal visibility, or green/black for blending in with the environment.

A 100 ft roll of netting can be quickly installed around a 25'x25' garden. For longer fence lines, multiple rolls can be connected together to increase the fence length.

You will need a fence energizer to electrify the net. Electric fence is a pain barrier, not a physical barrier. A common mistake is not electrifying it. Plug-in or solar options are available, or choose a Complete Starter Kit, which includes all the essentials for folks new to electric netting.
3D Anti-Deer Fence (3 to 5 strand)
3D Anti-Deer Electric Fence
In areas with high deer pressure, look to Premier’s 3D Anti-Deer Fence. It’s low cost, easy to maintain, and has a proven record of protecting orchards, food plots, vineyards and newly planted trees.

Two fences of electrified rope set 3 ft apart combine to make a barrier that has both depth and height—hence “3D”. Electric fences use pain to persuade deer that it is safer and less frightening to feed, rub or trail elsewhere.
The Joey Apron
The Joey Apron — $34
Enjoy hands-free gardening with the Joey garden apron. Front drops down to quickly unload.
Garden Colanders
Garden Colanders — from $12.99
The perfect accessory when gardening in the backyard or taking a trip to the farmer's market.
Pourika Hand Shears
Pourika Hand Shears — $49
Extremely sharp! Use for trimming, dead-heading, topiary and other general gardening tasks.
The Hori Hori Classic Digging Tool
The Hori Hori Classic Digging Tool
This tools rounded top and serrated sides make it ideal for scooping, digging, and pulling weeds.
Produce Storage Containers
Produce Storage Containers — from $11.99
These baskets help fruit, vegetables, and berries last longer by keeping them dry after washing and at the proper humidity level in the refrigerator.
Glass Fruit Fly Traps
Glass Fruit Fly Traps — $17
Decorative and functional glass insect trap. An organic and natural way to manage wasps, hornets, fruit flies, and yellow jackets.
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