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The roll-out tray found in our ChickBox prevent hens from eating or soiling their eggs.

June 2016 – Poultry Edition

Enhance egg appeal!
Egg-Washing Kit
Egg-washing is made easier with an Egg Cleaning Kit. This kit gently bubbles away any filth. The result is clean, sanitary, saleable eggs.
1. Don’t let them get dirty. How?
  • Use roll-away nest boxes—the egg rolls out of the nest when the hen leaves). However, some chickens prefer nests with bedding.
  • Collect the eggs often.
  • Keep broody hens away from the nests.
  • Refresh the nest bedding often (if it’s not a roll-away system).
  • Provide enough limestone (we use oyster shell) so that the shells of the eggs are as strong as possible.
2. If the eggs are dirty, clean them or discard them.
Nothing turns buyers off more than a dirty egg. Sometimes cleaning can be done by dry brushing. But some eggs (such as those next to a broken egg) must also be washed. Our Egg Cleaning Kit converts dirty eggs into clean, sanitary, saleable eggs in much less time than cleaning them by hand. Works so well that it often surprises new users. For a quick clean, egg wipes can also be used.

3. Weigh the eggs.
Use an egg scale to determine the weight of each egg to better organize them in egg cartons. Label the cartons by size so folks know the size of the eggs they’re buying.

4. Put them in attractive cartons.
Yes, it’s only packaging, but appearance matters. It suggests that you care and “sweat the details,” which inspires buyer confidence. Put labels on the cartons—the more information, the better.

5. Emphasize their freshness.
They must always be fresh! Discard eggs that become old—never sell them!

6. Get personal!
Use egg stamps. You can also customize your own stamp with your farm name or logo to add an extra touch to the eggs.

Egg Skelter
Egg Skelters - $30 — Back by Popular Demand!
New colors now available!
Egg Cleaning Brush $4.65
Egg Cleaning Brush $4.65
Knocks off dry, crusty debris during washing.
Egg Wipes
Egg Wipes $7.70
Dirty eggs? Clean them with a quick swipe.
Digital Egg Scale $17
Digital Egg Scale $17
Large? Extra Large? Jumbo? Scale helps you find out.
Egg Stamp & Ink
Egg Stamp & Ink
Mark eggs with an eye-catching image or striking logo.
Egg Cartons $0.45
Egg Cartons $0.45
Standard egg cartons but in flashy pastel colors.
Egg Basket $21
Egg Basket $21
A sturdy and easy to clean basket for collecting eggs.
Poultry Crate
Poultry Crate $61
Our favorite system for transporting chickens.
Whisk $5.15
Whip your eggs into shape! Stainless steel.
Egg Collecting Apron
Egg Collecting Apron® $25
Cotton canvas apron with ten pockets for holding your flocks freshly laid eggs.
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