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3 fence solutions for getting your birds out on grass
What are your options?
With the rapid grass growth that follows warm summer sun and evening thunderstorms, our thoughts have turned to getting our birds out of the coop and outside. To help rotate the flock through the pasture or yard.
  1. Our most popular option for fencing the flock is our range of electrified poultry netting. It’s fast to move, easy to install, and provides protection against ground based predators. Simply unroll, unfold, set the posts and attach an energizer.
  2. If you’re naturally brooding chicks with hens, Shock-or-Not is the fence for you. It has a chick tight mesh at the bottom to contain small chicks (which can fit through standard electrified netting) and is electrifiable to prevent predator access.
  3. For those that plan to watch their birds in the yard, the NoShock Hen Pen will help target your flock’s foraging within the yard and keep them out of flower beds and vegetable gardens. It’s not an electrified fence so flockmasters will need to keep an eye on the birds.
Can be electrified?
Stops predators?
Effective for chicks?
Time to install/remove?
PoultryNet® Plus
10 min
Can be electrified?
Stops predators?
Effective for chicks?
Time to install/remove?
Poultry Fence
10 min
Can be electrified?
Stops predators?
Effective for chicks?
Time to install/remove?
Hen Pen
30 min
1. Electrified Netting
Temporary and semi-permanent electric fences for daily to monthly rotations and ground-based predator protection.
Manual Meat Mixer
The addition of a poultry gate makes entering/exiting the poultry paddock simple. One handed operation allows the flockmaster to carry water, feed or an egg basket.
Fence solutions for chickens, ducks, geese and more!
Contain and control the movement of your birds and prevent raccoons, coyotes, foxes, dogs and other predators from attacking. Easy and fast to install. For quick access in/out, install a PoultryNet® Gate.

Want a kit that includes everything to get your started?
Premier Starter Kits contain all the essentials to fence a small flock of birds. Includes our Solar IntelliShock 60® fence energizer, one roll of 100 ft Poultry Netting (42" or 48" tall), FiberTuff™ support posts (for ends, curves and corners), and a 5-light wireless fence tester to monitor fence performance.
2. Shock-Or-Not™ Netting
Friendly to chicks, but shocking to predators!
Jerky Cannon
The chick-tight mesh (3/4" spacings) along the bottom keeps chicks contained within the fence.
A multi-purpose electric poultry net fence with a non-electrifiable chick-tight mesh along the bottom. This combination allows you to use the enclosure as a non-electrified day pen for small birds, or electrified for effective predator protection day and night.

Why is the bottom 16" chick-tight (3/4" spacings) and not the whole fence? This is the region of the fence most permeable to chicks, the 32" above the chick tight mesh are not a concern.

When to use?
3. NoShock ™ Hen Pen
For supervised day ranging
Manual Meat Mixer
The NoShock™ Hen Pen is ideal for backyard use where predator pressure is low. The fence moves easily throughout the yard so your birds have consistent access to fresh forage.
Give them room to roam
A lightweight, non-electrified net enclosure for chickens and other poultry. Best when used as a monitored day pen for adult birds and chicks. This fence offers no predator protection, that’s why we strongly suggest the flock is monitored while in use.

Allows you to move your flock to fresh grass quickly and easily. Tight mesh at the base allows for the containment of young birds.

Features a built-in step-through gate for easy access. Learn more... Watch our How-to Video
Poultry Hook
Poultry Hook— $10.50
Use to catch individual birds that have escaped, need to be relocated or need special attention.
Ez CatchNet
Ez CatchNet — $48
To catch the birds that don’t want to be caught. Handle extends to 57" for extra reach.
Poultry Crate
Poultry Crate — $65
For moving birds in/out. Easy-to-slide top/side doors for placing birds in and letting them out. Now with smaller holes on the floor.
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