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 PRS-I 25

The PRS-I 25 as a horse fence. Few strands with low grass contact (and power saving features) enable the unit to outlast most cloudy days. Two new products (coming soon) are being tested in the photo—an adapter for holding the PRS onto a T-shaped ground rod and a new clip for the FiberTuff post.


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Introducing PRS-I and PRS-B Energizers
Solar Energizer FAQs
How to Keep your Solar Units Working

Purchasing a solar fence energizer? What to look for:

Many solar units look similar -- a “wedge of cheese shape”, etc. But similar appearances can mask large differences in capability. What are the most important things to look for?

1. Joules of peak output. More joules equals increased ability to keep the fence charged when green vegetation contacts the fence.
2. Size of solar panel (in watts). Actually the most important number is the solar panels wattage divided by the peak draw in milliamperes. Larger numbers are better. That indicates how fast it can recharge the battery. But that’s not always available. Solar panel output divided by peak output in joules in the next best guide.
3. Size of battery (in ampere hours) divided by the peak draw (in milli-amps). If not available, then battery size divided by peak output. Again, larger numbers are better.
4. Whether they have battery "saving" technology.. This technology reduces the energy draw when the fence is “clean” (not in contact with wet or green weeds). “Clean” fences are most common for cattle, horses, some deer fences, and some raccoon fences. It’s not common with fences for sheep, goats, rabbits, and woodchucks.
5. Included accessories. Some include a ground rod and 110v emergency battery recharger; others don’t.
 Energizer Comparisons

Energizer Comparison Chart

 Solar Chart Header
 PRS-I 50
 Solar Chart Header
 Solar Chart Header
PRS-I 25
Solar Chart

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ElectroStop 10/42/12


ElectroStop, ElectroStop Plus (with extra line posts) & ElectroStop (with drivable posts)​ are proven goat containments (or deterrents).


Waterers & Feeders​

Bear QuikFence® 12/35/12

Protect beehives in wet or dry soil conditions. Can be used as either Pos/Neg or Pos/Pos. Features Drivable Posts and a tall-grass disconnect.




Safely free-range the poultry flock with electrifiable PoultryNet. 42" and 48" (for flighty birds) available.


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