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To keep critters out?
PermaNet® Plus 12/48/3, VersaNet® Plus 9/20/3, and Multi-Strand Fences are all useful fences for keeping out those critters during growing season.


Come see us at the Mother Earth News Fair on August 8–9 in West Bend, WI.
Premier will be at the 21st Dairy Sheep Association of North American Symposium on November 5-7 in Madison, WI
Join us at a workshop about Feral Hogs in the Big Thicket area of TX, 6044 FM 420, Kountze, TX, August 5.

How to fence out wildlife...

Energizer Nets
We recommend the following:
Raccoon—short multi-strand fences or RaccoonNet®.
Groundhogs, rabbits and other small crittersVersaNet® Plus 20" keeps out even the most determined pests.
Deer—choice of several anti-deer fences. The easiest to install is Deer QuikFence®.
Wild pigsHogNet®
Bear and livestock from beehivesBear QuikFence®

If we didn't list your critter problem, give us a call (1-800-282-6631) so we can help you find a solution.

For easy installation, try these Premier tips:
1. Mow along the fence line before putting up the fence. This reduces risk of excess grass contact.
2. Although netting's built-in posts work fine for straight fences... you will need to use FiberTuff™ Posts at curves, corners and ends.
3. Attach a suitable (and large enough) energizer. 110v plug in energizers are the least cost but the easiest to set up and move are our PRS Solar Energizers. They are very simple to install and use. Look at our energizer chart to help you choose which energizer to use—or call us.
Comparison Chart
Click on the above link to compare all of Premier's netting.
Fence Options:
1. VersaNet® and VersaNet® Plus
2. Beehive Protection
1. VersaNet® Plus
2. RaccoonNet®
3. Bear QuikFence®
4. PermaNet®
5. Multi-Strand

Not sure what you need?
To make it easy we have Netting Kits and Energizer Kits available to help you simplify your purchasing decisions.

Always check local codes and ordinances for use of electric fence in your area.


Hand Shears

ARS 140DXR or
Plant Shears

ARS trimmers take less hand strength and are a customer favorite. Plant Shears are great for pruning and trimming


The Holistic Orchard

Holistic Orchard Book

The basic skills everybody should know about the inner-workings of the orchard ecosystem.


VersaNet Installation Video

VersaNet Installation Video

Setting up netting around Premier's garden is easy! Also see our video on How to install a 2 strand garden fence.


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