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Cows in the pasture with electric fence


Fence Installation Instructions
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Subdividing Pastures with Multi-Strand Fences

Cows in the pasture with electric fence

Our shepherds have been building fences throughout our pastures the last few weeks. We are using smaller paddocks and faster rotations this year.

Because most of our sheep on grass are adults we're putting up multi-strand fences.

Multi-strand fences are the least cost solution per/ft. For sheep we prefer 4 to 7 strands for perimeter fences (depending on predator pressure). For internal fences 3 strands (two IntelliTwine strands at the bottom and one of 4.5 IntelliRope at the top) keep the ewes and rams where we want them.

Multi-strand fences for livestock — Sheep, Goats, Horses, Garden/Wildlife, Deer, Cattle

To install a basic multi-strand fence you will need the following materials:
Posts: FiberRod, PowerPosts or PigTails.
Line Insulators: SnapOn Harp Clips, ScrewOn Rope/Tape or PigTail Clips.
Terminal and corner insulators .
Conductors: Rope, twine or tape. If using rope, you'll need RopeLinks.
Reels (if desired).
T-posts (handy for ends and corners).
Braided cord .
Horse with guard conductors

Guard Conductors for horses

Prevents horses from fighting across paddock fences.
Keeps horses from leaning, rubbing or chewing on fences.
Enables worn and weary fences to last a few more years.
Gives longevity to new fences.
Keeps horses away from less-safe fences (HT, barbed wire).
Carries pulses from an energizer in the barn to outlying fences.

Adding 1 or 2 energized strands to any fence helps protect horses from a fence (and the fence from the horse).

Place the “hot” strand at the height of your horse’s nose when it walks.

The distance a strand should be held away (offset) from a fence varies. For vinyl or wood fences 2" is enough. However, because the risk of injury is greater, for HT wire fences we think the maximum (about 7") is best.

The videos below provide details on the set up of guard strands and multi-strand fences. Also see our available diagrams.

Don't forget — the fence needs to be properly energized with an energizer in order to deter animals from going through the fence.


Install an offset insulator button

How to install an offset insulator to an existing fence

view our illustrated diagrams

Illustrated diagrams

Multi-strand fences video button

How to install multi-strand fences


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