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Premier UltraScreen™ for Barns

Attractive, heavy-duty, breathable wind and weather screen. Great for barns, sheds, chicken tractors, porches and more! We use Premier UltraScreen™ on our sheep barns (shown above).

Premier UltraScreen™
PVC-coated polyester screen provides exceptional ventilation while keeping out the elements.
Premier UltraScreen™ on rollers
Dispensed via carpet rollers, Premier UltraScreen™ is available in widths of 3.28', 4.92', 6.56', 9.84', 10.5' and sold by the linear foot. Two colors available.
Benefits of using UltraScreen™
  • Stops 80% of the wind and 90% of rain and snow
  • Allows light (about 20%) through—shady but not dark
  • Maintenance free!—never needs adjusting after it’s stretched and secured
  • If damaged, the vinyl covered polyester web does not rip
UltraScreen™ has been used in England on farm buildings for over 25 years to stop wind, rain, snow and birds while allowing some light and air to pass through. (It’s called Galebreaker® there.)
We imported and installed it on a sheep building at Premier 20 years ago. It’s still in place. Zero maintenance through high wind, rain, ice and snow. It continues to look like new!
We finally decided to offer it our customers. It’s not cheap, but it’s very strong and reliable. But it’s not strong enough to withstand direct side pressure by sheep or goats. Far superior to anything similar that we have tried.
How we install UltraScreen™ on our farm buildings…
UltraScreen needs to be stretched. When properly stretched, it will easily span gaps as large as 10' and remain taut.
  1. First we secure it very firmly to a building upright at one end.
  2. Then we attach the other end of UltraScreen to a tractor loader and use the tractor to pull it tight. (UltraScreen is very strong!)
  3. Then we sandwich the near end (to the tractor) in place very securely to keep it taut.
  4. Finally we secure it with treated wood to the top, the bottom and the interim wooden uprights.
UltraScreen™ closeup
Installed over 20 years ago at Premier!
UltraScreen™ after 12 years
Photo above taken 12 years after the original installation. It still looks the same and has zero maintenance. We marvel at the light and ventilation in buildings that use UltraScreen™ on the walls or ends.
How to secure UltraScreen™
Secure UltraScreen™ with screws in treated wood to the top, the bottom and interim wooden uprights.
More uses for UltraScreen™
UltraScreen™ used to diffuse light
UltraScreen used to provide the center of hinged windows to our sheep barns. We leave them up unless we expect wind-driven rain or snow. This also shows the amount of light UltraScreen allows into a barn. We prefer barns that are lit with natural light during the day but are weather resistant.
UltraScreen™ for porches and decks
UltraScreen as a porch screen. Stops snow, rain, insects and light better than normal screen. Does not rip when cats climb on it. Because it stops so much, it’s harder to see through.
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