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PoultryNet® Electric Fence can be used to contain chickens as well as goats. Always match the fence to the animal that is hardest to contain.

The “dirt” on dry soil…
In southeast Iowa, the end of summer often means less rain, which results in less ground moisture. While this natural cycle is good for the autumn harvest, dry soil may reduce the effectiveness of your electric fence.
When an animal comes in contact with an electric fence, a pulse travels from the fence, through the animal and into the soil. Via the soil moisture, this pulse is captured by the energizer’s ground system. But when the soil is dry, fewer electrons are able to be received by the ground rod, thus pulse strength is diminished.
Here are three techniques that can be used to ensure your electric fence has adequate grounding.
Fencing solutions for dry soils:
1) Add ground rods
When you add more grounding, the amount of electron receptors are increased. This can be accomplished by connecting multiple ground rods in a series, or by using longer ground rods.
Multiple ground rods for electric fence diagram
Inadequate grounding is the most common failure in electric fence operation. 3 ft ground rods (shown above) should be placed at least 5 ft apart. Use insulated wire to connect ground rods together.
Fence energizer with 6ft ground rod diagram
Longer ground rods have the potential to reach moisture further down in the sub-soil, but are more difficult to drive into the ground.
Grounding Tips…
  • Allow 3 ft of ground rod per joule of energy output
  • Space 3 ft rods at least 5 ft apart
  • Space 6 ft rods at least 10 ft apart
  • In dry/sandy soils, use ground rods long enough to reach moisture
2) Increase soil moisture with extra water
Ground rod drip bucket diagram
Add a pinhole to the bottom of a 5 gal bucket and fill with water. This will allow a slow trickle of water to soak the ground rod. The extra moisture increases the conductivity around the ground rod and will help boost pulse strength (but not to the extent of naturally moist soils).

Tip: Premier’s “T” Ground Rod can be grasped by hand and twisted, making it easier to remove from the soil. Available in 18" and 3' lengths.
3) Use a Pos/Neg fence
Pos/Neg fences are wired to use every other horizontal strand as an extension of the grounding system. A Pos/Neg fence is the best solution for very dry or sandy soils and rocky terrain.
Pos/Neg electric fence diagram
In order to receive a shock, the animal must touch both a positive (hot) and negative (grounded) strand at the same time. This will deliver more pain to the animal than an all hot net (Pos/Pos) because moisture in the soil is not required to complete the circuit. (Pos/Neg fences can be converted to Pos/Pos in moist conditions.)
Fencing Accessories
MaxiShock Insulated Cable
MaxiShock Insulated Cable — from $2.13
An extra-thick layer of galvanizing will protect the connection from rusting for years.
5-Light Wireless Fence Tester
5-Light Wireless Fence Tester — $15
Measures approximate fence voltage. Used to determine if your energizer/charger is working properly.
PowerLink™ 4.0
PowerLink™ 4.0 — $4.50
Make instant, in-field connections between electric fences. Simple to use and effective.
Cut-out Switch
Cut-out Switch — $7.50
Reliable single-throw design used for stopping the flow of electricity from one fence to another.
Litzclip®, 3mm
Litzclip®, 3mm — $7
Repair electric net fences simply, quickly and securely. No tools required! For electric netting and other 3mm conductors.
Dead Blow Hammer
Dead Blow Hammer — $9.50
A handy tool for installing ground rods or nets with drivable posts into hard soils.
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