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Clean, constant water for poultry and chickens
Clean Water For Flock Health
Tips for clean water in poultry production…
Clean drinking water is an absolute essential when raising poultry (and other livestock). Birds are prone to soiling their water and health problems can multiply quickly without full-time access to clean drinking water.
Some keepers will put out a large supply of water and expect it to satisfy the flock for a few days. This works as long as you keep a close eye on things. Remember, it’s up to us to maintain a waterers’ cleanliness. For this reason, Premier offers a variety of easy to use low-maintenance poultry waterers.
Poultry-keeper tips:
  • Keep chicken waterers out of direct sunlight to minimize green algae from forming.
  • If algae or iron biofilm are a problem, add a tablespoon of vinegar to each gallon of drinking water. Vinegar naturally lowers the pH level of the water and may help prevent the slime from reoccurring. We also offer an all-natural water additive from MannaPro®.
  • Provide ample space between waterers and feeders. This will prevent feed from filling the waterer and vice-versa.
Abbey Cage Cups
Abbey Cage Cups
Just right for feeding and watering individual birds or rabbits for show. Right size for bantams and call ducks. Fastens securely to cage wires. Can be used with waterfowl. Capacity: 3/4 cup.
Chick Nipple Drinker
To keep water clean and fresh. Nipple drinker sits on a heating plate or hangs above the litter so water is always clean. Includes a metal hanging bracket. Optional brackets for hanging on a wall or outside of a cage are available. Capacity: 1 liter (0.26 gal)
Quick Clean Waterer (with legs)
Top Fill Fountain Waterers
Double wall construction allows this waterer to be filled from the top (similar in style to galvanized top fill waterers). Capacity: 1.5 or 3 gallons.
Quick Clean Waterer (with legs)
Quick Clean Waterer (with legs)
Used for watering poultry, including waterfowl. Waterer stands up and out of the bedding to reduce soiling. Capacity: 3 gal. Need a larger capacity? See our 5 gallon Quick Clean.
Tri-Pod Waterer
Tri-Pod Waterer
Large-volume waterer for those who tire of frequently refilling small waterers. To keep the water clean, it has 3 legs that elevate the waterer off the ground or bedding. Capacity: 8 gallon
Premier’s top solutions to soiled waterers...
Despite the obstacles, it is worth the effort to keep water clean. It’s the first step toward a happy and healthy flock.
Too close to bedding
Problem—Too close to bedding
Birds may race past or to a waterer leaving disturbed litter in their wake. It doesn’t take long for this to find its way into a water trough.
SolutionChick Stand
Elevate the waterer with a Chick Stand, a wood block or use a QuickClean waterer that has legs. This raises it above the bedding, reducing material flicked into troughs.
Filthy beaks
Problem—Filthy beaks
Taking a drink from a trough, a bite of feed and back to the trough distributes feed matter into the water, making a sludge.
SolutionBucket Nipple Waterer
The nipples on the Bucket Nipple Waterer only allow water out and nothing in! The water flows in only one direction. Provides fresh, clean water to the flock. Easy to fill from the top.
Bored waterfowl
Problem—Bored waterfowl
Our ducks love swimming, and if no other "play area" is offered, they’ll make one out of their drinking water.
SolutionPremier’s FootBath
Offer a "swimming hole" using a kiddie pool or Premier’s SureFoot FootBath. This reduces chances that waterfowl will swim in their drinking water. Another option would be our No-Mess Automatic Poultry Drinker which restricts full body access to water.
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