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Livestock Ear Tags
All ear tag colors are now in stock and ready to ship! Order today to ensure you get the styles and colors you want. Most tag orders, including those with FREE custom-imprinting*, ship within two business days of receiving the order.
Plan ahead & beat the rush!
Ear Tags for Scrapie Identification and Flock Management
For many, lambing and kidding season is fast approaching, which means it’s time to ID the flock. December—February is our peak season for imprinting tags, so we recommend you beat the rush while most colors are in stock and ready to ship.

Ear tags provide a visual aid for unique identification (such as a flock or premise number) and can help to identify sex, year of birth, sire, dam and much more.

Why folks like our tags…
  1. Low prices — For some sizes our tags cost half as much as similar tags from other sources. How are we able to do this? Most tag sales occur during our slower winter months—so we prefer to sell as many tags as possible to keep our staff busy. It’s a "win" both for you and us.
  2. FREE custom-imprinting!* — Our customized laser-imprinted tags with your choice of consecutive numbers and your premise number/name are the same price as blank tags.
  3. Very fast printing—it’s who we are! Custom tag orders often ship within 2 business days of receiving the order.
* We also imprint tags with brands or logos (one-time $15 setup fee per design) as well as tags with individual names or numbers. Call 800-282-6631 for more information.
Scrapie Approved Tags
Q-flex ® 1.5
Q-flex ® 1.5
Colorful Sheep Apron, Kids
Q-flex ® 3
Q-flex ® 3
Q-flex ® 5
Q-flex ® 5
How to order Scrapie tags
Goat with USDA Scrapie Ear Tag
Learn more about the USDA Scrapie Eradication Program
  1. What is your scrapie flock number?
    Before beginning the process with Premier, make sure you have your scrapie flock number (a scrapie flock number typically begins with your state abbreviation). If you don’t have one, call your state APHIS office at 866-USDA-TAG (873-2824) to obtain one.
  2. Choose your scrapie approved tag
    Determine the scrapie approved style you would like to use with your flock. See the 5 size/style options above.
  3. Choose a color & quantity
    White, salmon, yellow, and spearmint are often the easiest to read. Shepherds often use a variety of colors to denote year, sex, or sire of the animal (note: blue tags cannot be ordered for scrapie tags). Tags are sold in packages of 20.
  4. Customization (see imprinting on official tags below)
    Please provide us with the following information. If ordering online, please include this information in the customization box:
    1. On the female side of the tag (side with the hole), we need to imprint your scrapie flock number and a 4 or 5 digit animal ID number that you have not been issued on a scrapie tag before.
    2. The male side of tag (side with the pin) you have room for 1-2 additional lines of data. This can be the farm name, a repeat of the individual animal ID, repeat of the flock scrapie number or customization of your choosing.
  5. Ear Tag Applicators
    Make sure you have (or ordered) the correct applicator for your chosen style of tags. The Allflex® Applicator is compatible with Premier’s Q-flex® ear tags.
Ear Tags for USDA Scrapie Eradication Program
Helpful links on proper use:
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Prima Heat Lamp™
Durable, built for livestock use
Assists in the brooding and rearing of lambs, goat kids, chickens, ducks and puppies. Originally designed for our lambing pens, the Prima Heat Lamp can be used to warm any animal that is sick or cold.

Use standard or infrared (heat) bulbs no larger than 250W. (We think 175W bulbs are best for lambs and kids.)
Helpful Lambing Aids
SuperLube ™
SuperLube™ — From $5
An all-purpose antiseptic OB lubricant. Can also be used to make ear tag insertion much easier.
Carbon Fiber Heater
Carbon Fiber Heater — From $72
High-output heater for lambing pens, chicken coops or horse stables. Built-in "kill switch" turns the unit off if an unsafe angle occurs.
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The Shepherd’s Choice™ Milk Replacer — From $22.25
Formulated by experienced shepherds and veterinarians for their own sheep and goat flocks
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