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Ear Tags for Livestock and Animal Identification
How Ear Tags Can Help You...
An Essential Tool in Livestock Management
Ear tags provide a visual aid for unique identification (such as a flock or premise number) and can help to identify sex, year of birth, sire, dam and much more.

New! Try our Pro Applicator. Installs every two-piece ear tag we sell. We applied our Q-flex tags to our ewe flock with this tagger and were impressed.

Pro Applicator
Why folks like our tags...
  1. Low prices. For some sizes our tags cost half as much as similar tags from other sources. How are we able to do this? Most tag sales occur during our slower winter months—so we prefer to sell as many tags as possible to keep our staff busy. It’s a "win" both for you and us.
  2. Customized for you. Our customized laser-imprinted tags with your choice of consecutive numbers and your premise number/name are the same price as blank tags. We also imprint tags with brands or logos (one-time $15 setup fee per design) as well as tags with individual names or numbers.
  3. Very fast printing—it’s who we are! Custom tag orders often ship within 2 business days of receiving the order.
Special notice regarding USDA Scrapie Eradication Program: Effective October 1, 2017, the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) is no longer providing free plastic ear tags and applicators as part of the National Scrapie Eradication Program. But producers are still required to follow Federal and State regulations for officially identifying their sheep and goats. They will have the option to purchase their own official plastic ear tags from approved tag companies like Premier. Learn more about the Scrapie Program. Premier continues to offer USDA approved plastic ear tags in several styles: Q-flex® 1.5, Q-flex® 3 and Q-flex® 5, 7X and MiniTags. Color is up to you (except blue, which is reserved for USDA use). We can even customize the male side with your logo or up to 2 lines of text. (See “Customized For You” below for more details.)
Ear Tags for Livestock
Many ear tag colors are now in stock and ready to ship. Order today to ensure you get the styles and colors you want. Most tag orders, including those custom-imprinted for you, ship within two business days of receiving the order.
Helpful links on proper use:
Ear tag styles
Customized For You
Choose any logo or number sequence…

How to order tags:
1.  Choose an ear tag style.
2.  Decide what to imprint.
•  Consecutive numbers with or without repeating farm/ranch names—FREE!
•  Logos/brands—$15 setup fee per design.
•  Single names or numbers—the cost is $2.50 per tag.
3.  Decide the imprint location. USDA Scrapie tags can be customized on the male side only. Management tags can be customized on the male and/or female side. Note: Printing on neck tags available on one side only.
Popular Ear Tag Options
Qwik Tags for Lambs and Goat Kids
Qwik Tags
$6.20/pkg of 20
Temporary nylon loop tag for lambs and goat kids. Remove and replace Qwik Tags with larger tags when lambs/kids out grow them.
Q-flex® 1.2 Ear Tags
Q-flex® 1.2
$10/pkg of 20
A good first tag for lambs and kids. Small size does not weigh down ears of day-old lambs/kids.
Neck Tags
Neck Tags
$3.50 each
Used for identification of sheep, goats and livestock guard dogs. Also can be used as luggage tags.
Q-flex® 3 Ear Tags
Q-flex® 3
$16/pkg of 20
Excellent for adult rams and ewes. Readable by most folks. Not too heavy for an adult animal's ears. Scrapie approved.
Q-flex® 5 Ear Tags
Q-flex® 5
$18/pkg of 20
Large size is easily visible, don’t have to get up close and personal in order to read ID. Best for adult sheep and goats. Scrapie approved.
Z Tag, One Piece Calf
Z Tag, One Piece Calf
$27/pkg of 25
Proven superior retention. Easy application. Our preferred tag for cattle.
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