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Big Round Hay Bale Feeders for Sheep

Sheep can be wasteful if they can feed from a bale unhindered. Big Bale Feeders allow access, while reducing the amount a sheep can pull out at once. This significantly reduces waste and utilizes more of the bale.

Improved for 2020!
Big Bale Feeders
Reinforced, double rod eating holes for pushy rams and ewes
Big Bale Feeder Panel
Panels are 40" wide and 48" tall. Each has four 8" x 12" feeding holes. Outer rods and 4 vertical internal rods are 3/8" dia. Other rods are 1/4" dia. Made from hot-dipped galvanized steel.

Note: Not for use with cattle, horses or horned animals.
During the winter months, we make heavy use of Big Bale Feeders on our farm. On occasion, we’ve noticed that large, heavy ewes could damage the panel, especially around the feeding holes. So we set out to improve the design by adding reinforcement rods around the feeding holes. The result is a stronger, more durable panel with the same “one mouthful at a time” feed-saving design.

Big Bale Feeder Panel Comparison


  • (4) reinforced, double rod eating holes for pushy rams and ewes
  • Adapts to most round or square bale sizes­. (For small bales use 5 panels; large bales use 6 to 7 panels. Average of 40 ewes per 6 panel feeder is advised. See our website for more information.)
  • Folds flat—easy to store and move
  • Adult sheep can’t get inside it
  • Ships FREE via ground service when ordering more than one panel. Most need 5–7 panels.
How does it pay for itself in 1 year?

Calculating the lost $$ due to wasted hay provides a picture of the value of a Big Bale Hay Feeder. Assume 40 ewes each eat 5 lbs of hay for 165 days. Assume hay costs $140/ton (7¢/lb).

  Wastage % Wasted Hay $$
Big Bale Feeder 10% $231
Other Feeders 25% $577
$346 difference pays for a Premier feeder quickly!
Big Bale Feeders
Just set this up and with 30+ wind gusts today I can already appreciate how much easier it will make feeding round hay bales this winter. The panels are a lot heavier than I thought they would be... a plus. Delivery was super fast. Wish I’d started out with this feeder four years ago.

– Melissa S., Montana
X-Tuff Single Sided Hay Feeder
Very strong galvanized metal feeder for sheep and goats
X-Tuff Single Sided Hay Feeder
One of our best-reviewed products! These heavy duty feeders stand up to the strongest rams and bucks. "L" hooks allow feeder to hang over existing panels or gates.
  • Very strong! Most folks are impressed when they see these.
  • Inverted 5 in. "L" hooks enable feeder to hang on panels and boards up to 2" wide.
  • Just the right size for a flake of hay
  • Heavy enough to keep large ewes from knocking it down; unlike similar plastic feeders
We bought these about two years ago with a goat herd of four. Now we’re up to nine and without hesitation, I wanted more. These are portable and just hook over any fencing. They’re sturdy and have yet to rust or show any wear. Do they waste hay? Of course, every feeder does but I do feel like it is less compared to my others.

– Dannie W., Georgia
These hay racks are worth their weight in gold! A flake or two of hay fit perfectly and the rack is so sturdy and portable. I move them inside or outside depending on weather. My alpacas nibble from both sides when I hang the rack over a fence.

– Bonnie F., Virginia
Welded Wire Panels
Versatile wire panels for livestock and other projects
Welded Wire Panels for Sheep and Goats
All rod ends have been ground smooth before galvanizing to make them safer.
Tall enough for most sheep (unless they are very active, flighty or high-libido rams during breeding season.) 4" holes make them stronger and safer than farmstore panels. Look to Premier’s reinforced PowerBilt® Wire Panels for 3" holes.

Wire Panel Comparison - Premier vs. Farmstore
  • Electroplated—thin coating
  • Rod ends point out
  • Same size rods
  • Hot-dip galvanized—long life
  • Rod ends don’t point out
  • Larger, reinforced rods
PowerBilt® Panels
HEAVY, tough-built, rigid panels! No wire edges for animals to cut themselves on or to tear holes in my clothing as I step over, as happens with the flimsier, floppier cut-up farm store hog panels I’ve been using. I bought two each 36"x48" and 36"x60" to see how I’d like them for Nigerian Dwarf kidding pens. I LOVE THEM! I’ll be buying more before next kidding season! Currently they are reconfigured as a creep area with the addition of the Creep Feeder Gate.

– Karen B., Idaho
Maximize Your Feed and Grazed Forage
Vitamin ADE Premix
Vitamin ADE Premix — from $5
A vitamin premix for livestock. Add to small batches of sheep and goat rations to maximize flock health and immunity.
Mineral Premixes
Mineral Premixes — from $8
A complete trace mineral premix for goats and sheep that supplements insufficient rations.
Deccox® — from $31
For controlling coccidiosis in ruminating calves, cattle, sheep and young goats. Do not administer to animals producing milk intended for human consumption.
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