Heated Poultry Waterer

Our Blue Laced Red Wyandotte cockerel tests our new Heated Poultry Waterer. We set the waterer on a 2 gal bucket, so all of our birds—from bantams to large poultry—can reach the nipples on the sides.

Prepare Your Poultry Flock for Winter
Cooler temps and shorter days mean one thing: Winter is on it’s way. With a little preparation, you can make this winter a little easier on you and your flock.
  • Add a light to stimulate egg production—hens need about 14 hours per day. By applying extra light in the morning rather than the evening, chickens will naturally go to roost with the setting sun. Learn more about proper light management.
  • Worried about frostbite? Raise cold-hardy breeds in areas with cold weather (ex. Chantecler or Wyandotte). Keep an eye on birds with large single combs as these are prone to frosting. Most importantly, keep the coop well ventilated. Why? Poorly ventilated coops and barns trap moisture and humidity which can lead to frostbite. Keep some coop windows open—cover with UltraScreen to provide exceptional ventilation while keeping out the elements.
  • Frozen waterers are guaranteed. Open trough waterers can be used (no floats, valves or vacuum to worry about), but they quickly become dirty. Our Heated Poultry Waterer works well for us, and the drip-catch nipples prevent the water from being soiled.
  • Molt happens. It’s best to feed your birds the nutrition they need to regrow their feathers. (Some birds will regrow feathers in a few weeks, others may take a few months.) Feathers are predominantly protein, so mix in added protein with your feed or look for a blend with at least 16% protein. Using a feed grinder can ensure freshness and source verification.
Heated Poultry Waterer
2 gal bucket
Set the waterer on a 2 gal bucket or other support so birds can easily access water. (Waterer cannot hang—knob on lid is a handle only.)
Ensure your birds have fresh water in freezing temperatures with a Heated Poultry Waterer. Top-fill design for easy refilling. Side facing nipples reduce dripping and keep water clean. 2" of dense insulation on the underside of lid prevents heat escaping from the top of the waterer. 6' protected cord. Provides water for up to 26 chickens.

  • Insulated top. Top-fill waterers reduce the amount of water spilled during chores.
  • Simple to use. No valves, floats or hoses. Remove top, fill with fresh water and replace top.
  • Automatic thermostat. 50-watt heater turns on below 45°F.
  • Side facing nipple. Most chickens adapt immediately to using nipples, even if previously on trough waterers. Set the waterer so the nipples are just above head height (the birds should stretch up slightly to drink).
Foot Trimming and Care
Ear Tags
Heat Lamp $35
Hammermill Feed Grinders
Bravo Feed Grinder
The Bravo Feed Grinder uses a hammermill system for grinding corn and other grains into feed for livestock.
Bravo Grind Comparison
Amount of time it takes to grind 5 lbs of corn through the corresponding sieves. The 1mm sieve produces a grind sufficient for use as a course flour.
Grinding your own feed may not be the best choice!

A good feed mill can likely mix the feed to your specifications and the price is often less than doing it yourself.

Reasons to consider a feed grinder:
Hands-on control over the quality and ingredients in your bird’s diet. You can produce small batches using a custom mix to supplement forages and soils that are lacking necessary vitamins and minerals.
To ensure freshness and source verification.
Reduce your trips to the feed store.
Control the size of the grind. (Fine grinds are easily compacted in humid environments.)

Premier offers two powered units—the Bravo and the Ercolino. The Ercolino processes feed much faster due to its larger motor. They’re made to a high standard by the same European firm. Comparable units from other sources are over $1,000. Both of our grinders use a hammermill system and have a safe hopper design that prevents items from accidentally sliding into the grinder's blades.

Bravo Feed Grinder customer review—Ella B. from Virginia

We ordered this to grind whole oats. Easy to assemble and change out the sieves. It’s lightweight and easy to clean. 100 lbs of oats typically takes less than 30 minutes and I can walk away and let it do its thing.

Read more reviews on our website.
Essential Winter Supplies
Prima Heat Lamp
Prima Heat Lamp $35
Use to warm chicks, poults, ducklings, goslings or other young poultry in the brooder. Optional Lamp Stand easily adjusts for simple temperature control.
Brooder Panels
Brooder Panels
Build a safe, secure chick brooder using modular brooder panels. Quick to assemble with disposable and reusable options.
Heating Plates for Poultry
Heating Plates for Chicks
An alternative to a heat lamp. Chicks touch the bottom of the plate for warmth (similar to a mother hen). Available in 3 sizes.
Fun gifts for everyone in the flock!
Egg Skelter $30
Egg Skelter $30
Unique way to store and display your backyard eggs on your countertop. New colors now available.
Vintage Chicken Playing Cards $8.25
Vintage Chicken Playing Cards $8.25
A fun gift for any chicken enthusiast. Vintage chicken illustrations on the front and back of each card.
The Egg Collecting Apron® $25
The Egg Collecting Apron® $25
Free your hands and keep your eggs safe with this innovative and unique “old fashioned” apron.
Welcome Signs
Welcome Signs $40
Welcome visitors and display your poultry fancy with a finely crafted metal sign.
Mailbox Toppers
Mailbox Toppers $35
Turn a mailbox into a statement piece with these eye-catching, high-quality mailbox toppers.
Pillow Covers
Pillow Covers
was $47 now $39
A fine accompaniment to any chicken keepers living room. Cotton front with burlap backing.
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