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Marked lambs in the field

Breeding season at Premier always adds some extra color to our pastures. Marking aids are an excellent management tool to aid in record-keeping and to ensure maximum profitability.

Better management now...
for a better lambing/kidding season later.
Keeping proper flock records prevents (or at least reduces) organizational headaches later. So be sure to document harness crayon and raddle marks this breeding season. They’ll tell you more than who’s bred and the expected lambing/kidding dates. (Approx. 145 days after breeding.)
  • Breeding dates roughly outline deworming and vaccination timeframes.
  • When to start feeding late term gestation rations.
  • When to keep an eye on ewes for potential prolapses. (Late term w/ many lambs.)
  • Tracking sires that offer the most profit or those that are poor performing or inactive.
For further reading…
How to fit a breeding harness (watch the videos below)
Cross Your Heart Marking Harness
Deluxe Harness
Cross Your Heart Marking Harness
Cross Your Heart Harness
Nylon Breeding Harness
Nylon Harness
Marking Crayons
Marking Crayons
Used to identify if a ewe or doe has been bred.

Hot crayons for warm weather: If your flock is breeding in temperatures over 70°F, we suggest using our “Hot” crayons (red, blue or green). They’re formulated for use in warm temperatures.
Raddle Powder
Raddle Powder
Produces bright, long-lasting marks that make it easy to identify which ewes have been bred. Takes the place of a marking harness. Use OB Gloves or Latex Gloves to keep the raddle off of your hands.
CIDR Inserts for Sheep
CIDR Inserts for Sheep
Induces estrous in ewes during seasonal anestrus. Contains 0.3 grams of progesterone in molded silicone.
Auto Syringe & Drencher
Auto Syringe & Drencher
For quickly drenching or vaccinating the flock we use auto syringe and drenchers. They refill automatically between injections and easy to adjust for dosage.

Note on Valbazen: Per the label, do not administer to ewes or does during first 30 days of pregnancy of after removal of rams or bucks.
Sheep Management Wheel
Sheep Management Wheel
Provides a detailed schedule based on your lambing date. By Pipestone Sheep School.
What is a prolapse?
A vaginal prolapse is a protrusion of the animal’s vagina through its vulva. If a ewe is going to prolapse, she will do so in the last month or so prior to lambing. When a ewe prolapses her vagina we use both a retainer and a harness.

  • Over conditioned (too fat)
  • Carrying multiple lambs
  • Poor quality feed (forces the ewe to eat more to get needed nutrition)
  • Limited exercise
This happens in sheep but is possible with goats. Lack of treatment could result in the ewe’s inability to pass urine, which causes a host of other issues. If your animal has a prolapse or you suspect a prolapse, consult your veterinarian immediately.

Read more about how and when to use a prolapse harness & retainer.
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