Single-sided feeders

We build our single-sided feeders low enough to allow lambs and goat kids to access feed. This design works well for feeding along an alley or walkway.

Nutrition Techniques for Improved Reproduction
Offering thin ewes and nannies additional energy-rich feed to help them gain weight before breeding is called “flushing.” The purpose of flushing to raise their body condition. Doing so has been proven to increase the rate of ovulation (number of eggs released per cycle) and thus increase the eventual lambing/kidding rate. There is no need to “flush” ewes or nannies that are already in good condition (“fleshy” to “fat”—known to some as condition score 3.5 and above).

To flush, either feed them grain or move them to better pasture. How much grain? Begin with 1/4 lb per head per day and gradually increase to not more than 1 lb/head per day over 21 days.

Flushing is most effective when started 4 weeks before breeding. Continue to flush ewes and nannies throughout the breeding season until the ram or billy is removed. Read more about the nutritional requirements of small ruminants.

Repetitive, but important note: Always change diets slowly and with care!

When feeding our ewes or nannies grain in the pasture, we use PortaTroughs(see photos below) rather than heavy wooden feeders. They’re a portable all-purpose trough that satisfies both owner and animal.
  • Strong, tough and durable.
  • Difficult for sheep or goats to tip over.
  • Side handle allows trough to be inverted with a toe to tip out water or ice.
  • Won't break if water freezes in it, due to the rounded inner base.
  • Low cost3-ft base for $39 or a 5-ft base for $59.
PortaTrough™ as a goat feeder
PortaTroughs provide easy access for hungry goats. Move the feeder daily to prevent it from freezing down.
PortaTroughs in use
It’s wise to pen the flock away from the PortaTroughs when adding feed. Otherwise movement is all but impossible.
PortaTroughs stack inside each other
PortaTroughs stack inside each other for easy movement and storage—up to 10 PortaTroughs per stack.
Build Your Own Wire Panel Feeders
Build your own grain, silage and hay feeders for sheep and goats using Premier's feeder panels.
Single-sided design
1. Single-sided design
Even lambs can feed from a Premier feeder. Though we more often find them sleeping in it than feeding from it.
Double-sided design
2. Double-sided design
Welded wire panels reduce waste by preventing sheep and goats from “biting off more than they can chew” and dropping excess feed on the ground.
Two design options:
1. Single-sided design
Very easy to walk along these feeders to check the animals, provide water and feed hay/grain without being mobbed by the flock. Snap clips are used to hold water buckets in the feeders.

2. Double-sided design
Goats work for each mouthful of hay and kernel of grain reducing waste, keeping them busy. Tight spacings prevent heads getting caught in the panels. We use treated wood for the legs because they contact the ground.

Why our feeders please so many…
  • Minimal waste. They prevent silage or hay from being easily pulled out and dropped onto the ground. Sheep and goats must work for each bite.
  • Less risk of injury. No need to enter the pen. Farm kids can safely feed livestock.
  • Grain, silage & hay can all be fed in the feeders. Saves space. Reduces cost.
  • Save $$. Build your own feeders on site. Source local lumber and use our feed-saving panels.
  • Proven. These have been in use for years by satisfied customers across the nation. Our competitors compliment us by copying them. We’ve tweaked and improved the design along the way in response to observing hundreds of these feeders in use on our farm. (That’s who we are.)
Our full-color booklet for building your own sheep and goat feeders is FREE when you purchase our wire panels, or you can download it from our website.
Single-sided feeders

Stand securely holds animals at a comfortable height for milking (22” off the ground). Lightweight design makes it easy to move around the barn.

New! Milking Stand
If you have dairy goats, you know that milking can sometimes be a challenge. So we’ve introduced a milking headpiece that fits neatly onto our trimming stand to securely hold nannies at a comfortable height.

The headpiece quickly adjusts to accommodate goats large and small. Built-in feeding tray holds enough feed to occupy your animals during milking.
  • Milking headpiece quickly interchanges with trimming headpiece for clipping/shearing.
  • Side rails (purchase separately) to stop active and ornery goats from stepping off the stand.
  • Optional ramp for walking animals up the stand rather than lifting the animal.
  • Hot-dip galvanized for long lasting life.
  • Folds up for convenient storage and shipping. Built-in handle.
Headpiece is adjustable at the top and bottom to hold large and small goats.
Goats: How Do I Milk My Goat?
by Mother Earth News
Proven Sheep and Goat Products
Lambing & Kidding Supplies
Lambing & Kidding Supplies
Premier offers a range of products to assist with lambing/kidding. Build a lambing pen with a heat lamp, Lamb ‘N’ Kid Feeding Bottle and wire panels.
Big Bale Feeders
Big Bale Feeders
Great way to feed round and square bales while reducing wasted hay. It pays for itself in 1 year!
LAC-TEK Auto Feeding Machine
LAC-TEK for Lambs & Kids
With large flocks, orphans can be an issue. The LAC-TEK saves labor by mixing milk replacer with warm water and dispensing to lambs and goat kids.
Ear Tags
Ear Tags
Superior aids for livestock identification. We specialize in custom imprinting and very fast service.
Kane Feeders
Kane Feeders
Kane Grain Feeder (shown above) and Kane Mineral Feeder are popular units for creep feeding systems.
Premier UltraScreen™
Premier UltraScreen™
Provides exceptional ventilation while keeping out the elements. Useful for barn doors, windows and deck screens.
Finely Crafted Decorative and Wool Gifts
While supplies last!
Fairbault  Wool Scarves
Fairbault Wool Scarves
was $60, now $45
Made with 100% fluff loomed Merino wool. These classic yet contemporary designs feature clean lines, texture and timeless appeal.
American Wool Socks
American Wool Socks
was $28, now $19
Boot socks and casual socks are made from a wool blend that’s sure to keep your feet warm and comfortable this winter.
State Signs
State Signs
was $35, now $25
A one-of-a-kind, eco-friendly gift. This simple sentiment transcends miles. Each state is laser engraved onto a piece of salvaged bamboo flooring.
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