Safer Heat Lamp for Chicks

A multispecies heat lamp—our safer, effective alternative to common metal heat lamps can be used with all types of animals and poultry, large and small. Shown above with optional Heat Lamp Stand.

Prima Heat Lamp
  • Vented chimney system allows greater heat displacement.
  • Glass-reinforced plastic—resistance to high temperatures and ornery animals.
  • Easy grill attachment.
  • Compact size allows installation in pens at a safe height.
  • Anti-chew spring wire on cord.
Common Uses
  • To brood chicks, poults, keets and other young poultry.
  • Can be used in dog kennels for puppies and short-haired dogs.
  • Use in barns or stables for any animal that is sick, weak or cold.
Heat Lamp Accessories
The Heat Lamp Stand is a convenient, but more importantly, secure way to hang a heat lamp in a brooder. Feeders and waterers, such as the Combination 3 or Saturn 3, (shown) may be placed on a Chick Stand to reduce soiling.
Heat Lamp Assembly Heat Lamp Assembly
How to Secure a Heat Lamp to a Stand How to Secure a
Heat Lamp to a Stand
Chick Nipple Drinker

Train chicks to nipple drinkers early! Set a Chick Nipple Drinker on the heating plate—nipple sits at the perfect height for chicks to drink.

Heating Plates for Chicks
How does a heating plate work?
The underside of the plate is heated—the chicks go under the plate and touch their backs to it. This simulates how a mother hen keeps her chicks warm.

Will the plate be too hot?
If the chicks get too warm, they can and do move out from under it. Use the yellow legs to change the height so chicks almost touch the underside of the plate. As chicks grow, raise the plate by adjusting the yellow legs.

Advantages Over a Heat Lamp
  • Uses less electricity. Only 15–66 watts!
  • Less risk of fire because of the lower surface temperature (only 125°).
  • Field observation: Birds raised under plates appear more calm than those reared under lamps.
Heating Plate Covers
To reduce chicks climbing on top of the heater, use a Heating Plate Cover. This will reduce the ability for chicks to perch on the plate.
Available in 3 sizes:
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Heated Poultry Waterer — $54
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ChickBox Nesting Box
ChickBox™ — $54
Innovative chicken nesting box is draft free, but ventilated to keep the hens warm in winter and cool in summer. Easy-to-clean and will not rot or rust.
PortaTrough™ 3 — $39
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PoultryNet® Electric Fence
PoultryNet® Electric Fence
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Egg Skelter
Egg Skelter — $30
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The Egg Collecting Aprons®
The Egg Collecting Aprons®
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Gifts For The Home
While supplies last!
Pillow Covers
Pillow Covers
was $47, now $39
Update existing throw pillows with these vintage-inspired, French country themed pillow covers.
State Signs
State Signs
was $35, now $25
A one-of-a-kind, eco-friendly gift. Each state is laser engraved onto a piece of salvaged bamboo flooring.
Framed Burlap Prints
Framed Burlap Prints
was $55, now $50
These unique pieces of wall art are hand-pressed onto natural burlap using water-based inks.
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