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HenGear Nesting Box
10% off! HenGear Nesting Boxes
Provide hens a safe and secure location to lay eggs
HenGear Nesting Box
Premium-grade HenGear Rollout Nest Boxes offer a community-style design to reduce stressful overcrowding in the roost. No more waiting in line to lay an egg!

  • Galvanized metal construction stands up to corrosion and wear
  • Privacy curtain for hens that desire additional seclusion
  • Reversible roll-out tray can face forward, or out the back, protecting precious eggs from egg-eating hens
  • Extra wide removable nesting pad
Available in medium (up to 20 hens) and large (up to 48 hens).

HenGear Nesting Box
This nesting box is perfect! I had to modify it just a little to attach to the outside of my coop, but the simple design allowed for it. It works AMAZING! Fast delivery and excellent service! Recommend to every chicken owner.

– Sabrina L., Ohio
SmartStep™ Poultry Feeders

SmartStep™ Poultry Feeders

Treadle-action door reduces feed waste. Stop rats, mice, wild birds and other small pests from eating your flock's feed. The feeder remains closed until the chicken steps up to feed. Available in (5) different sizes.

Choosing the Right Capacity
The answer depends on the number and size/age of the birds and how often you prefer to fill the feeders or waterers. Refer to our helpful comparison charts.

We prefer to have a one day supply of feed and water for our flocks. Being short on water results in dehydrated fowl, but having more feed than the bird’s can eat invites rodents and sparrows. Always check your birds at least once per day.
Galvanized Cone Feeders

Galvanized Cone Feeders

Compared to cheap farmstore feeders we’ve used in the past, we like the heavy-duty metal construction, quality galvanization and clever adjustment method. Use free standing or by hanging with built-in handle. Available in 11, 22 and 44 lb capacity.

Keep your chicks warm this winter
Two of our customer favorites!
Prima Heat Lamp
Prima Heat Lamp
Common heat lamps are often blamed for barn fires, scorched wool and overheating. The “Prima” is better in every way—strength, safety, protective guard, and hanging system.

Used to warm chickens, ducks, puppies, lambs, goat kids or for any animal that is sick or cold. Combine with a heat lamp stand for hanging about poultry brooders.

Electrified Netting
Heating Plates for Chick Brooders
An alternative to a heat lamp. Less of a fire risk. A heating plate simulates a hen keeping chicks warm and cozy beneath her feathers. The rugged plate cover (optional) prevents older chicks from perching on top and fouling the unit with droppings. The plate can be hand-washed to remove dust and debris. 4 sizes available.

Hand-selected Unique Gifts
Garden Colanders
Garden Colanders — from $12.99
Ideal for egg collection, berries, herbs, tomatoes, and flowers. A great size for children to inspire them to help in the garden.
Swedish Dishcloths
Swedish Dishcloths —from $27
A reusable alternative to paper towels for cleaning up spills, splashes and sprays in the kitchen. Each dishtowel replaces 17 rolls of paper towels.
Wood Prints
Wood Prints — $27
High quality lithograph prints are mounted on durable 0.5" thick MDF wood. Each piece is hand finished and comes with a fresh layer of foil on the sides to give it a crisp clean look.
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