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Organic Starter Feed for Poultry
5-lb bag Organic Starter Feed for Poultry
New! Organic, Soy-free, Poultry Starter Feed

We’ve started our last few batches of chicks on this mix and couldn’t be happier. It’s finely ground so day-old chicks can readily eat, yet still coarse enough to stimulate proper gizzard development. Organic Poultry Starter Feed from New Country Organics is now available from Premier in 10 lb bags. Ships to your door within 90 days of milling to ensure freshness.

Soy-free with 21% protein content to get your baby chicks started off right!

How much feed per bird?
For layers, we recommend approx. 4 lbs. Starter Feed per bird within the 1st month. For broilers, approx 3 lbs. Starter Feed per bird for the first three weeks.
For chicks old and new…
Heated Poultry Waterer
Heated Poultry Waterer — $56
A proven, heated 2.25 gal bucket waterer. Set on a 2 gallon bucket so nipples are at head height.
Columbia 12 Trough Feeders
Columbia 12 Trough Feeders — $5
Top flips open for easy filling. Roost-guard reduces soiling. Two colors available.
Heating Plate Starter Kit for Chicks
Heating Plate Starter Kit for Chicks — $114
A brooder kit complete with a hen-simulating heating plate for warmth.
Brinsea Maxi II EX Egg Incubator
Brinsea Maxi II EX Egg Incubator — $410
Hatch eggs easily with this high-quality, reliable incubator.
Nest-O-Matic Nest Box
Nest-O-Matic Nest Box — $42
A heavy-duty nesting box with a curtained area. Use nest eggs to encourage laying in the correct location.
Prima Heat Lamp
Prima Heat Lamp — $37
Rugged and reliable heat lamp and heat lamp stand used to warm chicks. Also use for lambs, goat kids, ducks and puppies.
New! Farm to Table
Equipment & tools for small-scale, at home food production
Honey/Syrup Dispenser
Honey/Syrup Dispenser — $16
An attractive and simple solution to a sticky situation. Never waste a drop of your prized honey or syrup again!
Hand Popcorn Sheller
Hand Popcorn Sheller — $7.50
Shell ears of popcorn in seconds. Simply insert the full ear, push, then twist and turn!
Hand Butter Churn
Hand Butter Churn — $39
The ideal size for crafting your own small batches of butter. Fits onto a wide mouth canning jar.
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