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Ear tags

Ear tags are an essential item for livestock management. They’re used to identify year of birth, sire, dam and much more. Premier offers FREE custom imprinting, very fast service, and low prices. Tags ship right to your door!

Order ear tags today and beat the rush!
Get a jump-start on your management needs for 2017.
For many, lambing, kidding and calving season is just around the corner (if not already here) which means it’s time to ID the stock. January/February is one of our peak seasons for printing ear tags, the other being May/June. (Both coincide with popular seasons for lambing, kidding, and calving.)

Most ear tag colors are now in stock and ready to ship. Order today to ensure you get the styles and colors you want.
Ear Tags for Livestock
Single-sided design
Proper tag placement is located in the center of the ear where the flesh is not too thick or thin. Be sure to aviod any veins during application.
Why folks like our tags...
1. Low prices. For some sizes our tags cost half as much as other brands. How are we able to do this? Most tag sales occur during our slower winter months—so we prefer to sell as many tags as possible to keep our staff busy. It’s a “win” both for you and us.

2. Customized for you. Our customized laser-imprinted tags with your choice of consecutive numbers and your premise number/name are the same price as blank tags. We also imprint tags with brands or logos (one-time $15 setup fee per design) as well as tags with individual names or numbers.

3. Very fast printing—it’s who we are! Most of our tag orders, including those custom-imprinted for you, ship within two business days of receiving the order.

Helpful links on proper use:
Ear tag styles
Customized For You
Choose any logo or number sequence…

How to order tags:
1.  Choose an ear tag style.
2.  Decide what to imprint.
•  Consecutive numbers with or without repeating farm/ranch names—FREE!
•  Logos/brands—$15 setup fee per design.
•  Single names or numbers—the cost is $2.50 per tag.
3.  Decide the imprint location. Male side. Female side. Or both. Note: Printing on neck tags available on one side only.
Tools for Lambing, Kidding and Calving
Auto-Feeding LAC-TEK Machine
Auto-Feeding LAC-TEK Machine
An automatic dispenser to provide a constant, uniform and easily accessible supply of milk replacer or formula for lambs and goat kids.
Deck Chair
Deck Chair — $98.50
Holds sheep reliably in a relaxed position which allows the use of both hands to trim feet, tag ears, examine and medicate. Restrains pregnant ewes without injury.
Lambing & Kidding Supplies
Lambing & Kidding Supplies
Build an orphan or creep pen with a heat lamp, orphan feeding buckets and wire panels. The light attracts lambs and goat kids to the creep feeder.
Ear Notcher for Livestock
Ear Notcher — $13
Simple and easy way to make permanent notches on an ear or an ear tag.
Premier Serrated Trimmer
Serrated Trimmer — $25.75
Use to remove temporary ear tags or cutting tough hooves of larger sheep and goat breeds.
SuperLube™ — from $4.40
Lubricating antiseptic that makes ear tag insertion much easier and reduces infection risk.
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