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Borotto poultry egg incubators
Borotto® Egg Incubator/Hatcher
Expanding the flock? Try incubating eggs!
Borotto poultry egg incubators
Hatching poultry from eggs is a fun, rewarding experience. All you need is an incubator and a little perseverance.

Getting started with an egg incubator takes only a few minutes. After the initial setup, we run the unit for 2–3 hours to allow the temperature and humidity to settle in. Doing so has led to many successful batches.

Made in Italy and known worldwide for their superior performance and high reliability, Borotto® poultry incubators are perfect for small-to-medium hatches.

Key Features
  • Automatically monitors and adjusts temperature
  • Integrated fan distributes warm and humid air evenly
  • Automatic egg turning system
  • BIOMASTER® antimicrobial plastic reduces harmful growth of bacteria inside the incubator
  • Optional SIRIO Humidity Pump for precise control of humidity without the need to refill internal water reservoirs
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty
Easy-fill Reservoir
Easy-fill Reservoir
Water reservoir can be filled by hand if no pump is used. Add the optional SIRIO Humidity Pump for precise control.
Automatic Turning
Automatic Turning
Internal microprocessor regularly changes the rotation time, always varying the tilt degree of the eggs, exactly as it happens in the nest.
Digital Readouts
User-friendly Operation
Digital control panel can be used to adjust the temperature easily, just press minus - or plus +.
Incubation Tips
1. Selection and preservation of eggs—Choose eggs from breeders that are well developed, well fed and healthy. Consider heritage breeds to ensure broad genetic diversity. Use clean, normally shaped eggs.

2. Prepare the incubator—Incubate in a draft free room with an ambient temperature of 68°F–77°F with a normal humidity range.

3. Monitor—Check these factors daily: Temperature, reservoir level for pump, egg turning and ventilation.

4. Hatching—Review best practices and procedures prior to hatching date.
Borotto® Lumia 8 Poultry Egg Incubator
Borotto® Lumia 8
An excellent starter incubator for expanding small flocks. See-through lid. Same ease of use and features as Borotto®’s higher capacity units. 8 chicken egg capacity.
Borotto® Lumia 16 Poultry Egg Incubator
Borotto® Lumia 16
Raise show birds, farm layers or broiler flocks from eggs at home. See-through top offers bird’s eye view of the hatching process. 16 chicken egg capacity.
Borotto® Real 24 Egg Incubator
Borotto® Real 24
Solid lid with transparent viewing portals to monitor incubation and hatches. Grow your flock by leaps and bounds. 24 chicken egg capacity.
Borotto® Real 49 Plus Egg Incubator
Borotto® Real 49 Plus
Professional incubator performance in a small machine. Excellent choice for breeders of in-demand heritage breeds. Large batches for more production. 49 chicken egg capacity.
Borotto® SIRIO Humidity Pump for Poultry Incubators
Borotto® SIRIO Humidity Pump
Meet the humidity control needs of all incubators, whatever the brand, up to a capacity of up to 500 eggs. Set the pump to the desired level of humidity and connect it to a water source such as a 2-liter bottle. It’s that simple!
Flock friendly egg-cessories...
Egg Candler
Egg Candler — $54
High-intensity candling lamp from Brinsea. Discard eggs that appear to be infertile or contain dead embryos.
VersaNest™ Laying Box
VersaNest™ Laying Boxes — from $168
Easy-to-clean metal nesting box for medium or large flocks. Roll-down egg collection tray can be mounted to either the front or rear of the nest.
Quail Crate
Quail Crate —$54
Solid floor crate for clean transport of small game birds. Raising game birds can be an enjoyable hobby. Learn more about game bird basics.
Chick Nipple Drinker
Chick Nipple Drinker — $6
Supply fresh, clean water to newly hatched chicks with the chick nipple drinker. Set on top of a heating plate or mount vertically.
Heated Poultry Waterer
Heated Poultry Waterer — $62
Provides clean water to the flock year-round. Internal heater keeps water flowing in temperatures as low as -20°F.
Quail Crate
Chick Stand —$28
Keep young birds from flicking bedding into their feeders and waterers. Short enough (in height) for small quail to use.
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