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Premier’s 2021 Poultry Catalog
Premier’s 2021 Poultry Catalog

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The global pandemic has heightened interest in raising chickens for a reliable supply of eggs and food. Premier welcomes the opportunity to provide our proven poultry supplies for your backyards and pastures in 2021. Our Poultry Solutions catalog includes more “how-tos”, helpful tips and practical advice than any other source.
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New Products for 2021!
Borotto Incubators
Borotto Incubators
For small-to-medium hatches (8–49 chicken eggs). Made in Italy and known worldwide for their high performance and reliability, Borotto machines deliver excellent hatch rates at an affordable price. The SIRIO Humidity Pump can be purchased with the incubator or separately for use with units from other manufacturers.
Outside Collection Nest
Outside Collection Nest
Roll-out tray directs eggs outside for simple walk-by collection. No need to go into the coop. For up to 6 hens. Some assembly required. Mounts to outside of coop via screws or nails.
A wide range of new items include: Quail/Chick Waterer, Mid Connect, Double Wall, Suspended Dome Drinker, Automatic Poultry Waterers, Rubber Pan and Canal Portable Waterer.
New for this year: Broiler Troughs, Top-Fill Feeder, Tower Feeders, SmartStep Feeders (additional sizes).
Round Processing Cone
Round Processing Cone
To restrain birds during processing. Round, stainless steel cone eliminates grip for birds.
Shaker Sifter
Shaker Sifter
Powder dispenser for applying PureDEfense™ or poultry dust to livestock or garden areas. Fine holes reduce potential for over application or spillage. Size: 9"x 4.7"
HenGear Nesting Boxes for Chickens
HenGear Nesting Boxes
Easy-to-clean metal nesting boxes that meet the needs of medium or large flocks. Now available in 2 sizes. Hinged back allows outside the coop access. Made in the USA.
PrimaShock Energizers
PrimaShock Energizers
An electric fence will not be effective until it has been connected to a suitable fence energizer. If shopping for new energizers, we’d buy the PrimaShock AC/DC units. They impressed us during testing trials on employee farms. Reliability, performance, multiple features all for fewer $$.
Butchering Chickens Book— $18.95
A guide to humane small-scale processing. By Adam Danforth. Softcover. 176 pp.
Pendleton Indiana Hat
Garden Colander (aka: Egg Basket)—from $12.99
The small, flexible, plastic colander is ideal for egg collection, berries, herbs, tomatoes and flowers.
Trap Door for Pigeons—$15.00
One-way door for pigeons returning from flight. Hinged vertical bars fall into place behind pigeons as they reenter.
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