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Raising orphan lambs? Give the lambs the best start possible with plenty of supplemental heat and a steady source of milk replacer.

Heat Lamp Do's and Don'ts

Heat Lamp DO’s

1. Use 175 watt bulbs. 250 watt bulbs cost more to use and, in our experience, are rarely needed.
2. Use PAR (pressed glass) bulbs. Far more durable and last longer.
3. Tie or clip the lamps very securely—A lamp that falls onto animals and/or bedding has consequences that can be very serious—including fire.

Heat Lamp DON’Ts

1. Don’t hang them closer than 20" to bedding or baby animals that can't move away from them.
2. Don’t enclose them in barrels or similar small spaces. The heat must be allowed to move away from the lamp.
3. Don’t use longer than necessary. We hear reports of folks using them continuously for several months. If you need to do this, buy the black Prima Heat Lamp. Lambs and kids only need extra heat when they are wet newborns or weak or suffering from hypothermia.


Prima Heat Lamp

Prima Heat Lamp

Improved design over our orange lamp.
More robust and durable (reinforced plastic withstands high temperatures much longer).
Anti-chew wire added to cord.
More compact.
Orange Heat Lamp

Orange Heat Lamp

While Supplies Last!
Our original heat lamp.
Proven through many years of use across the USA.


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